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Mind baffling magic from The Illusionists

Do you believe in magic? This was a question often asked by David Williamson aka The Trickster and one of the performers from the smash hit show The Illusionists on opening night at Grandwest Casino.
Granted this question was directed at participating audience members all beneath the age of seven, but it got me thinking. Do I believe in magic? Umm, that would be a firm 'no', as much as I would have loved to receive my acceptance letter into Hogwarts; I am far too pragmatic a human being to believe in anything unproven. However, experiencing The Illusionists seriously challenged those beliefs and I was constantly left wondering just how did they do that?!

Step right up…

From classic illusion acts such as sawing a woman in half and manifesting white doves out of thin air to more modern performances such as death-defying crossbow stunts and origami manipulation, The Illusionist is a charming mix of old-school circus magic yet all presented in a hip and fresh way ala David Blaine or Dynamo.

Stand out acts include The Mentalist aka Chris Cox’s utterly baffling mind reading abilities, his uncanny personal readings of audience members were truly mind-blowing. Oh, you had salmon for dinner, your husband has run over 20 marathons and your favourite TV show is Keeping up with the Kardashians. Why yes!

Now you see him…

While the Grand Illusionist himself, Darcy Oake who made his big breakthrough on Britain’s Got Talent is as smouldering and mysterious a magician that anyone could wish for. Besides from impressive sleight of hand his most amazing illusion included a disappearing act with a twist ending that had myself and friend turning to each other with an audible gasp.

Image by Danielle Baguley

Suspend your disbelief and be entertained, enthralled, and awed by these seven talented illusionists.

The Illusionists Direct from Broadway now moves to the Montecasino’sTeatro from Wednesday, 14 February to Sunday, 11 March 2018. Tickets are available via
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