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Rockville 2069 to have world première in Cape Town

Rockville 2069 is to have its world première with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) under the direction of conductor/orchestrator Steven Wright at the Artscape Opera House from the 29 August - 7 September.
Set on the 100th anniversary of Woodstock, Rockville 2069 is a love story set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world. Featuring a cast of 25 with lead singer Joseph Clark (of Queen at the Opera) and a seven-piece rock band with the CPO, it combines artists and musicians from different cultural and musical backgrounds to bring a new, sometimes discordant, always thrilling voice to the rock musical scene.

The lead roles will be played by Joseph Clark (Papa), Vicki Feitelberg (Mama), Stephan van Huyssteen (JohnnyReb) and Josie Piers (Danielle). With fast-moving scene changes, the use of 3D animation and a 100m² LED screen, technology plays a key role in creating this believable, constantly shifting production.

The artistic brainchild of composer Johnny Ray, who wrote the music and, with Bruno Paiola, the lyrics and script, Rockville 2069 has been five years in the making. The end result is an emotionally soaring journey of caution, hope, optimism, rebellion and joy which aims to transform and create music while sending a powerful message of change through a sustainable way of life.

Earth destroyed by man's neglect

The plot tells of an Earth destroyed by man's neglect and climate change. Only Rockville, a small archipelago of islands, survives and is now home to a group of peace-loving rockers, sound technicians and musicians.

The world comes to an end during the opening act of the music celebration and, as survivors in the only breathable land left on Earth, they create a protective force field that shelters them from the frozen wasteland and toxic fog that is Earth. In order to regenerate this vital shield with resonating sound waves, Rockville's musicians play at dusk and dawn each day, but their harmony and calm do not last long as a group of ragged outsiders wish to take control of this utopia, thereby unleashing betrayal, treachery and greed, all the symptoms of today's world.

Audience members can expect a lyrical roller-coaster ride in a technologically advanced production that portrays a post-apocalyptic world steeped in the philosophies that characterise the rebellion of the sixties, the seventies and those that are currently shaping our world. "The addition of the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra is a show-stopping element," said Johnny Ray, "and we know that all theatre management eyes are on this production, which we hope to take from Cape Town to the rest of the world."

The shows will take place from 29 August to 7 September, 2014. Tickets range from R100 to R250 and are available from Computicket or Artscape Dial-a-Seat on +27 (0)21 421 7695. The Rockville 2069 graphic novel and CD are available through EMI or online at and from The Greek Merchant at all the shows.

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