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Accenture Interactive's Didier Uljasz announced as keynote speaker for IAB Digital Summit

Accenture Interactive, diamond sponsor for the IAB Digital Summit, has announced that Didier Uljasz will be the keynote speaker at the IAB Digital Summit 2017. Uljasz, MD at Accenture Interactive, is the head of the agency's personalisation practice across EALA, and digital marketing lead for the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Turkey. He will bring his vast experience on channelling detailed customer data for tangible business impact.

With his background as a data scientist, Uljasz has worked with global clients on several large-scale digital transformation programmes in sectors spanning retail, automotive, telecoms, media and banking. These engagements often have the common objective to transform big data into actionable insights that lead to value for businesses and their customers.

Accenture Interactive's Didier Uljasz announced as keynote speaker for IAB Digital Summit

Uljasz will discuss The art of knowing me: the customer genome and the new state of hyper-personalisation. This presentation is rooted in Accenture Interactive’s groundbreaking research into the customer genome.

“As the digital world evolves with consumers having endless options, many companies have lost the personalised touch and service that customers appreciate in their off-line world. Companies must move beyond simply knowing what customers purchase and consume and begin to understand why they made those choices,” said head of Accenture Interactive South Africa, Gareth Murphy. “I’m pleased to bring Didier into the country to share more on how this can be achieved through what we call the customer genome, and how this can be leveraged to build a living profile of the customer’s unique preferences, passions, and needs, as well as lay the foundation for a future where personalisation platforms can architect previously unimagined experiences.”

When customers make a purchase decision it is often based on a variety of aspects, such as features, ratings and reviews, and brand name, among others. The various product attributes that customers have access to make up the product’s DNA. The collection of these product attributes across the full set of merchandise can provide an extensive and descriptive data library to uncover why people chose what they chose.
Combining the descriptive attributes across all interactions creates the customer genome, which is a living profile of unique aspects of each individual as they evolve in real time.

As the diamond partner of the IAB Digital Summit, Accenture Interactive is proud to initiate a discussion that will be thought-provoking and insightful for those who attend. Together with the IAB, Accenture Interactive supports the reinvention of media, platforms, creative and business models in the digital age.

The IAB Digital Summit, powered by Accenture Interactive, is an essential industry gathering, providing indispensable insight for any brand serious about engagement with its customers. It will be held on 16 March 2017 at The Galleria in Sandton from 9am until 3:30pm. Standard, non-member Summit tickets cost R1,950, while IAB SA members can get their tickets for R1,690. Bookmark Awards tickets are on sale for R1,090 for both the awards and after party or R450 for the after party only. To book tickets and for more information on the IAB Digital Summit & Bookmarks click here.

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