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#BizTrends2020: The need to prove that marketing is business™

Right now, intangible brand assets are worth $57.3tn globally. That's more than ever before; and it's A LOT of rands.
Dale Hefer, Integrated Marketing Conference (IMC) CEO.

But marketing still doesn’t sit with the grown-ups around the boardroom table. We’re used to the last five minutes of the conference call, and being first to tighten our belts when it comes to the budget cuts.

Marketing works. Work it.

Why doesn't marketing sit with the grown-ups around the boardroom table?..

Issued by IMC Conference 29 Aug 2019

In fact, advertising has been rated below politics as a trustworthy profession and, according to a recent survey, 77% of brands wouldn’t be missed if they disappeared overnight. Right now, both marketing and its servant, advertising, are in trouble, with 800-million people reported to have installed ad blockers on their devices.

The trend is for marketers to prove that the only way to get marketing back into the box seats is to show that it boosts the bottom line and prove that it works.

Marketing works. If you take action.

At a time when advertising has been rated below politics as a trustworthy profession and when, according to a recent survey, 77% of brands wouldn't be missed if they disappeared overnight, can brands still prosper?..

Issued by IMC Conference 8 Oct 2019

As marketers, we need to engage more formally with our peers across the different business divisions and demonstrate our capacity for measurement and delivery across specified objectives.
The business imperative should remain the focus of these relationships, with the value that marketing brings to customers and the business being the focus. Strategy development should be informed by the external environment. An understanding of the local market is essential in order to create business and to produce financial and long-term benefits in support of the business objectives.

The local environment in which the brand and agency operate is complex and diverse, and so an authentic understanding of the market should drive a brand to produce an engaging campaign that will connect with customers. The return on investment for a campaign should be effectively measured. Growing the bottom line is a key performance area; and the brand, all its business divisions, the agency, and the relationship between them are important for these results.
#BREAKINGNEWS: IAB SA to endorse Nedbank IMC Conference 2020

IAB SA CEO Paula Hulley, this week, announced the synergistic collaboration between the organisation representing the interests of the South African digital industry and the Nedbank IMC Conference in 2020...

19 Sep 2019


About Dale Hefer

Dale started through-the-line agency Chillibush from a suburban garage in 1998. The agency was ranked a top three South African agency by Finweek and the Financial Mail. Dale sold Chillibush in 2014 at which time it was billing in excess of R100m per year...
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