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Creative Circle Best of 2022 announced

The overall Creative Circle Best of 2022 agencies are first, Ogilvy SA, followed by Joe Public United and then Grey/WPP Liquid. The winning agencies in the annual overall ranking for performance in award shows endorsed by the Creative Circle are Joe Public United, then Ogilvy SA, and third Grey/WPP Liquid.
Source: Web Tickets  The Creative Circle Best of 2022 have been announced
Source: Web Tickets Web Tickets The Creative Circle Best of 2022 have been announced

To get to the overall agency and group rankings of the year, all the awards that each agency has won across the One Show, D&AD, Cannes, Loeries and the CC Best of 2022 award shows are added up.

The Creative Circle Best of 2022 awards were announced and celebrated at an event at Katy’s Palace in Johannesburg earlier this evening.

“The Creative Circle Best of 2022 is about celebrating the work that has come out of the past year and inspiring the industry to keep raising the creative bar in the year to come.

“The judges look at all the Creative Circle Monthly Award winners throughout the year and award the best work from each category,” says says Roanna Williams, chairperson of the Creative Circle.

Work across humour, purpose and craft

This year was filled with work that swept across humour, purpose and craft.

In film, there was a lot of tasty fried chicken. First place was served to KFC’s Anything for the taste. A hugely entertaining and beautifully directed film that showcased the product and the KFC stores across the country, in full glory. Proof that product can be the hero.

Chicken Licken came second sharing some very insightful nuggets of wisdom with South Africa.

Radio turned up the volume, as it often does with some exceptional and very fresh work from Nando’s StuuStuuStuu campaign who took the spotliggggggggggght.

"This work really embraced the medium effectively both from a script and audio perspective. It was also written in one of South Africa’s Mzansi languages and as a result, it scooped up the win in Creative Circle’s new category: Mza’taal,” says Williams.

The Mza’taal category

StuuStuuStuu is a campaign that delivers an earworm in the best possible way. The Mza’taal has been introduced as a new Creative Circle Best of Year category with the aim of inspiring more vernacular work across any medium.

“Because one of the Creative Circle’s key ambitions is to inspire transformation of the work, we felt that the introduction of a category that celebrates Mzansi languages should be introduced,” explains Williams.

This year the jury panel only awarded a first place, as the category is very new. “But next year we look forward to seeing a very big and diverse array of more Mza’taal contenders. This category is one to win!” says Williams.

Creative Circle Best of 2022 announced

Print addresses some real problems

Print surprised with some pieces that addressed real problems in South Africa. No longer is print just being used as a static visual medium but is being used to impact change.

Hats off to Afrisam & Blackstudio’s Plan(a) that scooped up first place with its idea that builds a nation, by helping a nation build. Second place was Standard Bank’s Priceless print that opened the art world to the nation.

Digital: making an impression, but no innovation

Digital made an impression, with the judges searching for pieces that used the medium innovatively. Gugu for Savanna, took the lead, with the panel laughing out loud. This was an idea that really spun technology local.

No awards and some confusion

Live did not quite live up to expectations. No awards were awarded in this category.

PR & Media incited some debate as there seems to be some confusion between what makes a great PR campaign and an integrated campaign that has scale.

Some key learnings from the jury are that your idea needs to be both creative and newsworthy and present something worth listening to. It needs to capture an audience based on a compelling message and storytelling rather than just advertising with reach.

Checkers Sixty60’s Tinder Swindler scored the highest in this category for successfully managing to tap into culture, and deliver talkability and scalability, all for the benefit of the customer.

“Congratulations to all the winning work and to each and every hard-working and passionate individual that makes them happen.

“A special thank you to our sponsors SAB for their continued support, as well as the brave clients that believe in the power of creative, impactful and effective campaigns,” says Roanna Williams, chairperson of the Creative Circle.

Creative Circle best campaigns 2022

Ad of The Year - Design
PrizeEntry AgencyBrandProductTitle
SecondOgilvy South AfricaVolkswagen South Africa Volkswagen PoloGame On
ThirdGrid Worldwide & TBWA Hunt LascarisMTN GroupBrandMTN Brand Refresh
Ad of The Year - Digital Communication
FirstGrey Advertising WPP Team LiquidSavannaSavannaGugu
SecondKing James Group (part of Accenture Song)WesgroWestern Cape TourismPlay Before You Stay
ThirdJoe Public UnitedChicken LickenRock My SoulSkip to the Fire
Ad of The Year - PR Media & Communication
FirstRetroviral and Panther PunchCheckers Sixty60Checkers Sixty60The Sixty60 Swindler
SecondGrey AdvertisingSavanna CiderSavanna CiderThe People vs. Savanna Cider
ThirdJoe PublicChicken LickenSoulBitesNuggets of Wisdom
Ad of The Year - Out of Home
FirstVMLY&R South AfricaColgateBrushesColgate NuGen
SecondSHIFTCastle FreeStained Glass DesignThe Guilt Free Beer
ThirdGrey Africa/WPP Team LiquidSavanna CiderSavanna#TwirraShadeProject
Ad of The Year - Print
FirstPromiseAfriSam + BlackStudioConstruction MaterialsPlan (a)
SecondM&C Saatchi AbelStandard BankStandard Bank Sponsorship - Arts Priceless Print
ThirdM&C Saatchi AbelLexus South AfricaLexus RXCar Park
Ad of The Year - Radio & Audio
First (CAMPAIGN)M&C Saatchi AbelNando's South Africa Nando's Delivery Service StuuStuuStuu- Lunch Meeting, Skafthin, Pastor
Second (CAMPAIGN)Joe Public UnitedChicken LickenBig John BurgerBigger Person- Barber, Voice Note, Sales Assistant
ThirdGrey Africa/WPP Team LiquidSavanna CiderSavannaJab-Jab
Ad of The Year - Film
FirstOgilvy KFC BrandKFCAnything for the Taste
Second (CAMPAIGN)Joe Public Chicken Licken SoulBitesNuggets of Wisdom- Neck Tattoo, Umashonisa (Loan Shark), iLotto, Sketch Artist
ThirdOgilvy South AfricaVolkswagen South Africa Volkswagen PoloGame On
Ad of The Year - Integrated Campaign
FirstOgilvy South AfricaVolkswagen South Africa Volkswagen PoloGame On
SecondJoe PublicChicken LickenSoulBitesNuggets of Wisdom
ThirdJoe PublicChicken LickenLove Me TenderLove Me Tender
Ad of The Year - Mza'Taal
FirstM&C Saatchi AbelNando's South AfricaNando's Delivery Service StuuStuuStuu - Lunch Meeting, Skafthin, Pastor
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