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Nedbank IMC 2022 conference paper captures marketing relevance

The Nedbank IMC is proud to release the 2022 Conference Paper. The white paper, which is a synthesis of the key insights and reflections shared at the event by South African and global thought leaders, is a valuable resource to help marketers anticipate, understand and frame marketing's complex and fast-changing environment.

The 2022 conference paper has been developed in collaboration with Meltwater, the global leader in social and media intelligence, and authored by Dr Caitlin Ferreira, senior lecturer at the Graduate School of Business University of Cape Town and lecturer in marketing at the Luleå University of Technology.

Dr Caitlin Ferreira
Dr Caitlin Ferreira
Katherine McInnes
Katherine McInnes

Katherine McInnes who is the Meltwater head of marketing Africa, notes in the paper’s foreword that with the marketing landscape, “constantly changing and the volume of information and data increasing dramatically year on year, it is essential that brands cut through the noise.” The Nedbank IMC 2022 sought to unpack just how this could be achieved by marketers, and the white paper accurately captures this intent.

The paper gathers together the insights of 23 thought leaders into six “relevance” perspectives. These include relevance as the “new reach”; the irrelevance of silos; how to remain relevant for the youth; relevance in terms of context, inclusion and cultural relevance; the relevance of emotion; and how relevance emerges through value creation.

With key “step-by-step” action points and important takeaways at the conclusion of each topic, the paper forms an insightful yet accessible resource that marketers can continually refer to as they craft their marketing messages.

Dale Hefer, CEO of the Nedbank IMC, says that the compilation of the white paper at the conclusion of each conference is an important output of the Nedbank IMC vision: “Marketing is BusinessTM”. The paper helps sustain important marketing conversations long after the conference has ended.

Of the 2022 conference paper Dale says, “We knew that this year’s conference theme of marketing relevance would give rise to multifaceted and sometimes complex considerations. The incredible value that our thought leaders delivered on the day is captured perfectly in the white paper.”

The Nedbank IMC 2022 Conference Paper is available for free download at

About Nedbank IMC

In 2022 a total of 2000 delegates from 15 countries around the world watched the virtual Nedbank IMC live. Since its launch in 2019 the conference has become known for its 'no sales pitch, one stream, one day only' format and a fascinating group of renowned and specialist speakers. Importantly, the conference is committed to presenting the business case for marketing, driven through the determination to secure marketing’s seat at the boardroom table.

The Nedbank IMC is presented in association with the Marketing Association of South Africa, with chartered marketers receiving continuous-professional-development points for attending. The conference is endorsed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa.

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