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    Humanz, the data-led influencer marketing platform, announces the launch of HumanzTV

    Humanz announced the launch of HumanzTV, a platform for influencers, content creators, agencies and marketers to share news, tips and advice on the growing field of influencer marketing.

    The launch was announced by Pearl Thusi on her Instagram and Twitter pages earlier this month. Thusi is an investor in Humanz and part of its board of advisors.

    “When it comes to influencer marketing content, the focus is almost always on marketers. There is very little content about the actual influencer experience. Yet, there are so many questions. Given how big and active our global network is, it made sense for us to launch what is probably the first publisher by influencers for influencers,” she says.

    Humanz aims to release new HumanzTV content daily via its social pages ‘by influencers, for influencers’ to provide answers to questions ranging from how one creates great content or grows one’s audience, to dealing with trolls or online predators.

    “What you are seeing today is just the beginning,” says Pierre Cassuto, global CMO for Humanz. “We will be releasing an update to our app over the next couple of weeks allowing anyone to become a contributor to HumanzTV. There is a wealth of expertise within the international Humanz community, as well as a desire to connect and share, something we learnt when we launched Humanz Connect last year.”

    Humanz Connect is an exclusive social network for influencers, available inside the Humanz app, enabling creators to discover one another and connect to chat or collaborate on content. Since its launch in South Africa mid-2019, over 30,000 influencers have downloaded the Humanz app in South Africa.

    “Our vision is to enable and support the world’s largest and most engaged community of content creators and advertisers. We started our business by focusing on creating breakthrough tools for advertisers and are now shifting our focus to the creator community. To be honest, it’s about time that someone did,” adds Thusi.

    For more information:

    Phone: 066 299 7033
    Email Address: ia.znamuh@ofni

    Humanz is an international technology start-up devoted to making influencer marketing as accessible, reliable and trustworthy as other media channels through better data and technology. Its core product is an end-to-end system, geared towards effective influencer campaign planning, management and ROI tracking for online merchants, marketers and agencies.

    The technology behind the platform is unique, based on two main sets of proprietary algorithms, providing the most advanced solution on the market for the largest problems faced when dealing with influencer marketing: accurate audience data, fraud detection and ROI tracking.

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