HomeFixer teams up with Hirsch's for simplified home improvement

Local home improvement app, HomeFixer, has entered into a partnership with Hirsch's, a popular South African independent home appliances and furniture store.
From left to right: Allan Hirsch, founder and CEO of Hirsch's; Renaldo Bpthma, founder and CEO of HomeFixer; and Margaret Hirsch, chief operations officer, Hirsch's.
The free HomeFixer mobile app puts users in touch with tradespersons, service providers and companies involved in the home-improvement industry.

According to Craig Smith, special projects manager at Hirsch’s the HomeFixer app is a natural extension of the Hirsch's digital presence. “The collaboration enables us to offer deals to qualified customers when they are actively engaged in home improvement projects. By meeting the needs of the ever increasingly-online South African consumer, Hirsch’s and HomeFixer are able to tap into the growing digital economy, which is so prevalent.”

He says that exploring this approach is an exciting innovation in the appliance and home store sector, and that by actually embedding products in the app, and not simply displaying product advertisements in the app, the user experience is maintained, and users have the choice to engage or not.

HomeFixer will offer a maximum of 12 products at a time and will cater to a wide range of budgets and tastes, reflecting the diversity of the combined audience. “These offers will be as exclusive as possible to the HomeFixer app and we are excited to be part of the evolution of online retail shopping in South Africa,” says HomeFixer founder and managing director, Renaldo Bothma.

He says that user experience remains critical and is something that will be a focus as the HomeFixer community continues to grow. “We will deliver more targeted offers to HomeFixer users, using a more customer-centric approach to build and maintain the app user's trust.”

“We are proud to be partnering with Hirsch’s not only because of our shared values of customer care and satisfaction, but also to explore new and innovative ways of meeting customers’ needs.”
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