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Adobe Stock enabling a new generation of Creativity through the power of AI

Digital tools have enabled creativity for generations and Adobe has been at the forefront of innovation with creative tools like Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Recently, Adobe has started to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) into tools like Adobe Stock, to create end-to-end experiences and workflows that help creatives tell stories.
Adobe Stock enabling a new generation of Creativity through the power of AI

“With a growing catalogue of images, videos, templates and 3D objects, Adobe Stock is a valuable resource for content creators who need to source assets quickly and affordably,” says Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data, a leading Adobe distributor for Sub-Saharan Africa.

By integrating their AI technology – Adobe Sensei into Adobe Stock it’s become easy to consistently categorise, label and search for stock images – and when your stock asset library is over 150 million assets strong, that results in significant time savings for designers. Adobe’s AI and machine learning technology also powers Stock’s search and filter functions helping designers find the right content, faster – giving them more freedom to experiment and create seamlessly.

“Adobe Stock is a fantastic tool for designers so that they’re not starting from scratch,” says Megan Morahan, global creative director of Product Design at Vistaprint. “When we start from high-quality stock images, we can deliver better designs on a short deadline for our customers.”

This integration ensures that content search and discovery will always be relevant and efficient. AI-enabled, innovative search categories now make that a reality.

  • Visual Search allows creators to use an image they have or find in search results to generate a set of search results that are like that image.
  • Copy space filter identifies images that have space for an overlay
  • Vivid colour sliders allow creators to reshuffle search results based on how vibrant the images are.
  • Depth of field sliders allows creators to reshuffle search results based on how much of a ‘depth of field effect,’ or bokeh, the image has.

The Adobe Creative Cloud development teams is constantly working towards making applications that streamline creative workflows. Adobe Stock’s native integration into the Creative Cloud applications make it easier to bring stock assets into their projects and make adjustments to ensure they have the perfect fit, before licensing them from inside the apps they are working from.

With the recent launch of the Creative Cloud Pro Edition of the Creative Cloud for Teams package, users get access to Creative Cloud apps and services plus unlimited downloads of high quality, royalty-free standard assets from Adobe Stock. Created specifically for businesses with five of more team members, it adds unlimited access to Adobe Stock standard assets onto the usual Creative Cloud experience.

Streamlined workflows like this are a designer’s dream, allowing them time to focus on creating without time and resource limitations. Adobe’s innovation really is enabling a new generation of creativity. Create faster with perfect high-res stock images, videos and templates integrated directly into your Creative Cloud apps – contact Dax Data to get started.

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