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SheSays Cape Town, Kantar to conduct 1st industry-wide gender diversity survey in SA adland

In partnership with Kantar, SheSays Cape Town will conduct the first gender diversity survey in the South African advertising and marketing industries.
Image credit: Omar Lopez on Unsplash.

Women empowerment, gender representation and diversity are some of the key issues that have been trending recently and many brands and companies have joined the movement. However, figures indicate that the movement may have stalled within business.

A history of women in advertising

In a highly transformative and evolving industry, the South African advertising landscape is not as representative as one would expect from such a progressive and diverse nation...

By Keshia Patchiappen 24 Aug 2018

Advancing women in creative industries

In South Africa, statics show that 46% of people entering the workplace are women, but only 7% of executive board directors are female. Within the advertising sector, there still aren’t any figures on female representation.

“Our aim with this survey is to engage the local industry regarding the improvement of gender representation and diversity within the creative sectors. Advertising informs societal views and if the people behind these advertising campaigns are not representative of society, these views are skewed,” explains SheSays director Anelde Greeff.

The ad industry needs diversity to thrive

For ad campaigns to be culturally relevant, agencies must reflect our society...

By Qingqile 'Wingwing' Mdlulwa 22 Jan 2018

Johannie van As, SheSays director, adds: “This survey is not only a first in South Africa but also a first for SheSays across the globe. As an organisation committed to empowering, educating and advancing women in creative industries, it’s vital to understand the actual state of affairs and measure our progress.

“We hope that this annual survey will put us right up there with the wonderful work being done by Creative Equals in the UK and The 3% Movement in the USA.”

Agencies may pledge their support for this cause by taking part in the survey. SheSays will work closely with the IAB, ACA and AMF to distribute the survey to their member agencies as well as selected agency representatives.

#FairnessFirst: Readdressing advertising gender equality behind-the-scenes, with the Gerety Awards

The global Gerety Awards have launched, signalling a marked shift in award shows themselves redefining their role, especially as much of the advertising industry is aiming to redefine itself in these tricky times...

By Leigh Andrews 11 Feb 2019

All participants will remain anonymous and data will only be reported in an aggregated format. The online survey will run from 1 to 30 November 2019.

To participate, send an email to . The results will be announced in March 2020.



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