Keshia Patchiappen

CEO at Condriac Digital Communications
Location:South Africa


With over 11 years of experience in both the communication and digital realms, Keshia has the learning required to give clients the edge in the highly competitive market of corporate communications. Keshia has worked for global communications agencies such as Ogilvy and GGi, and lists amongst the clients she has represented Engineering counsel of South Africa, SANOFI, Kellogg's, Ford Motors, TGR Attorneys. Her experience covers automotive, construction, consumer and corporate brands.
A history of women in advertising

In a highly transformative and evolving industry, the South African advertising landscape is not as representative as one would expect from such a progressive and diverse nation...

By Keshia Patchiappen 24 Aug 2018

The importance of media training

Keshia Patchiappen states five reasons for why media training is essential when facing journalists in the firing line...

By Keshia Patchiappen 4 Jul 2018

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