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Pick n Pay pilots in-store Takealot pick-up points

Pick n Pay has launched a new pick-up counter for Takealot customers in a grocery store in Cape Town. The move forms part of a pilot giving customers the convenience of picking up their non-food online orders while shopping for groceries.
Source: Supplied
Source: Supplied

This new in-store service pilot at Pick n Pay's Table Bay Mall store launched a week before Christmas and reached collection capacity within two days, strongly suggesting the potential of this concept.

Pick n Pay aims to increase the number of in-store collections per day due to the impressive customer participation and will add more stores to the pilot in the coming weeks. “We aim to run the pilot for three months to gauge the value it provides customers, but the results after two weeks are already very promising,” says Ansgar Pabst, Pick n Pay Head of General Merchandise: Ominchannel

Takealot customers can pick up the majority of their orders, with the small exception of very large appliances. The service is operational during store opening hours, and customers can reserve a collection day.

A pick-up point is convenient for customers who aren’t available to wait for a delivery or for those living in areas that don’t qualify for delivery.

Driving online inclusivity

This venture could improve online inclusivity for millions of customers due to Pick n Pay’s extensive network of over 2,000 stores.

“We are thrilled to be piloting our first Takealot Pickup Point in Pick n Pay. We see it as a great way to create more convenience for our shoppers by offering them a hassle-free, fast way to pick up their Takealot orders while shopping for groceries in Pick n Pay,” says Frederik Zietsman, CEO.

Pabst says, “We always engage with our customers so that our stores and services adapt to changing online retail trends. As customers increasingly shop online, we experiment with new options to make it as easy and convenient for them to get the products they want, when they want, with as much ease as possible.”

Pabst adds, “Our stores have evolved from just a place to shop your groceries. They are a place for time-strapped customers to pay their bills, RICA their SIM card or do their banking, to name a few. We are now taking this a step further to let customers combine their other online purchases pick-up with their grocery shopping. We believe this will save them time and maximise convenience.”

Pick n Pay entered into a commercial services agreement with the Takealot Group last year to scale its on-demand delivery with Mr D, but says it is open to new and exciting pilots that empower its customers with multiple options to shop online. For instance, in addition to its newly launched Pick n Pay Home online store, Pick n Pay also offers more than 500 general merchandise products on Takealot.

The new on-demand grocery and liquor shopping experience – PnP Groceries delivered by Mr D – officially launched to customers in October 2022 and has already been rolled out to over 300 stores.

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