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AI and marketing management

Marketing is about understanding who your customers are, being able to anticipate what they require now and in the future and ultimately, satisfying their every need. It is therefore important that all the work that your organisation undertakes should be created and implemented to serve the customers.
Image source: Gallo/Getty Images.

According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, it describes marketing as the management process of responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. What is truly notable about this definition is the usefulness in understanding the key facets of what marketing is really all about as it is direct, concise and almost every word means something that is very important to comprehend exactly what the marketing philosophy entails.
Equally, it is important to note that marketing isn’t linear. It’s continual – a process – it never stops or ends. As the world changes, so do customers, hence businesses and brands need to adapt and evolve to move with the times.
In marketing, the pain point of every marketer is to really understand who are their customers, or better yet identify who are their target customers. Marketing isn’t just about here and now either. Marketers have to anticipate the future or rather what would the customer like to see from their businesses and brands.

New technologies play pivotal roles in marketing

Technology, it is therefore critical more than ever. Think about the perverseness of big technologies such as Machine learning, computer learning, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence, all these so-called zeitgeists technic phenomena are intended to really understand people, what they think about certain things, and what they like and dislike.

In order to plan for the future with a sheer of certainty. As we proceed to venture with processes of understanding the customer. New technologies have pivotal roles in helping marketers understand their customers on a personal level.

Therefore the main focus for this piece is to look at the importance of AI in improving customer relationships and to drive the personalisation for marketing purposes and strengthening brand building. The biggest question is whether AI could able to help marketers market and reach customers in a meaningful and impactful manner.

As customers demand high levels of relevant, meaningful personalisation and brands reorganise around a customer-centric operating model, therefore AI becomes a critical tool needed to develop marketing creative, improve customers’ relationships, and drive personalisation.

Marketing should be everybody's responsibility

Artificial intelligence, if applied or used in effective ways, can help make marketing more human. As it stands, marketing is just an afterthought exercise, many businesses don’t give it the benefit of doubt. They look at marketing as just a costly exercise that doesn’t really give a tangible return on investment.

This kind of widely shared sentiment is one that is stifling marketing because isn’t seen as part of a bigger machine. Think about it logically. If marketing is used and truly understood and implemented correctly in a business, it becomes a philosophy, a way of doing business – a whole approach, which should and must permeate throughout an entire organisation. Hence, marketing is everybody’s responsibility, not just the specialist marketers who work in the marketing department.

With that said, harnessing AI and machine learning have to be approached in a sophisticated and overall approach. Using AI in marketing is about deep learning, natural language processing, and other artificial intelligence technologies to solve key marketing challenges.

Essentially, artificial intelligence is a technology that completes the tasks that involve a certain degree of intelligence that was previously deemed only to be available to humans. With AI marketers will able to solve complex marketing challenges in a much simpler way.

About Rirhandzu Shingwenyana

Rirhandzu Shingwenyana is a marketing and communications professional with experience in account management, social media and digital marketing campaign management, and marketing.
Sara Jimenez
Great article, I learn a lot.
Posted on 4 Mar 2020 13:54
Thank you, Sarah.
Posted on 17 Apr 2020 11:28



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