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The World Domination blueprint: Wetpaint is taking over the world one brief at a time

In the dynamic advertising industry, Wetpaint stands as a visionary force. Our World Domination plan, fuelled by core values like Doing it Better and Thinking Bigger, has propelled us to international acclaim. Partnerships with industry giants like Volnat, GLX, and Clearway Advisory are a testament to our global impact. Wetpaint doesn't just advertise; we redefine narratives and transcend borders, shaping the future of advertising worldwide. Wetpaint is where creativity meets commerce - welcome to Wetpaint's World Domination.
The World Domination blueprint: Wetpaint is taking over the world one brief at a time

World domination

At Wetpaint, we have a clear vision – to bring Africa to the world and take Africa to the world. We're armed with a uniquely African perspective, and our World Domination Plan is centered around our ability to blend human truth with innovative technologies. We believe that African agencies can be instrumental in showcasing the incredible richness and diversity of the continent's culture and talent on a global stage. It's about telling our stories, embracing local aesthetics, and championing African values in our campaigns to effectively make our mark on the world.

DomiNAtion is in our DNA. We have an innate ability to help brands discover their true selves, define their identity, design their future, and build their iconic status. This journey leads to profitable growth, setting them on a path to take over their respective industries.

We approach our work with a globally focused mindset, driven by a set of core values that guide everything we do - our work, our culture, and our outlook.

Co-elevate: Empowering our clients

At Wetpaint we stand out by choosing to marry collaboration with our fierce competitiveness. We believe that together, we and our clients can achieve heights that were once just dreams. We don't just co-elevate ourselves; our primary focus is co-elevating our clients. We fuel growth and innovation across the African advertising landscape. Here, we don't just talk about dreaming bigger; we make it happen.

Think bigger: Expanding horizons

Thinking bigger is essential for any industry seeking global impact. For Wetpaint, this means “living local while building global”. It's a theme that runs through our work. We envision and execute campaigns and strategies that transcend local boundaries and resonate with a global audience.

Moreover, at Wetpaint, Thinking Bigger isn't just a concept; it's our reality. We're not merely dreaming; we're doing. Our partnerships with international giants like Volnat, GLX Global Learning Exchange, and Clearway Advisory are testament to this ambition. We transformed Volnat, a Swiss-based Ukrainian walnut company, into a global powerhouse, facilitating daily bulk order shipments worldwide. GLX, an American education solutions provider, found a home in Africa through us, enriching millions of lives with world-class education. Clearway Advisory, an Australian business advisory company, entrusted us to enhance their visibility, and we delivered, making their brand shine brighter. Thinking Bigger isn't just a vision here; it's a mission accomplished, a journey embarked upon with each transformative step we take on the global stage.

Do it better: Excellence as a standard

Excellence is non-negotiable at Wetpaint. Our clients deserve nothing less. Doing it better entails striving for perfection in every aspect of a campaign, from concept to execution. We do it better by expanding on the brief and finding ways to create memorable and impactful work, going beyond the expectation. We understand that you are only as good as your last brief so the value we add is the value add.

Doing it better also entails staying at the forefront of advertising by adopting the latest technologies and trends, including digital marketing, data analytics, and AI-driven solutions, to deliver more effective and targeted campaigns. Aspects we have already integrated into our service offering.

Own it: Taking responsibility and accountability

Taking ownership of one's work is a value that underpins trust and accountability. At Wetpaint, owning it means delivering on promises, taking responsibility for outcomes, and maintaining transparency with clients. This fosters long-lasting relationships and builds a reputation for reliability. Which has allowed us to service 20 key clients, both locally and globally.

In conclusion, we are in the midst of an exciting transformative journey at Wetpaint, guided by our values. World Domination is a notion we embody through every brand and every brief so join the winning team because we’re on a world domination quest, with a plan so dynamic, so transformational, and so lucrative that if we were to tell you, we’d have to... retain you.

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