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Woolworths implements further single-use plastic reductions in stores

Woolworths is expanding its 'plastic shopping bag free' policy to 52 more stores and has announced the replacement of plastic packaging with kraft packaging in 'Ripe and Ready' avocados...

13 Apr 2021

Should plastics be banned?

You may think our answer is obvious and potentially in contrast to those who believe that plastic is nothing but a pollutant. If most of our answer lies within the question, should the question not rather be 'why plastics cannot be banned?' Here's our perspective...

Issued by Mpact Plastics 8 Apr 2021

Don't just tell them. Show them how attractive you are

For products wanting to strut their stuff at retail, glitz, glamour, and striking colours are the key features of captivating labels that attract discerning shoppers and get products moving off the shelf...

Issued by Pyrotec 7 Apr 2021

Meeting required standards for coding on plastic bottles

The beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial, cosmetics and nutraceuticals sectors all commonly use coding and marking applications for bottles. However, they all need their marking to meet certain standards and requirements...

Issued by Pyrotec 6 Apr 2021

Reduce inventory costs with fewer SKUs

Fix-a-Form booklet labels from Pyrotec PackMedia have many advantages, just one of which is helping to reduce the number of SKUs...

Issued by Pyrotec 24 Mar 2021

Ultrazorb polystyrene meat trays: now also in PET and rPET

We've bid farewell to the bloody soaker pad through the development of our outrageously successful polystyrene Ultrazorb range, but our innovation continues in the interest of recyclability and consumer convenience...

Issued by Mpact Plastics 24 Mar 2021

Annual South African Plastics Recycling Survey results released

Plastics SA, in conjunction with the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO), recently released the annual South African Plastics Recycling Survey...

19 Mar 2021

Corona pilots beer packaging made using surplus barley

Corona has introduced a new circular form of packaging for its six-packs, made using repurposed surplus barley straw...

18 Mar 2021

SA Plastics Pact Reuse Innovation Challenge 2021 won by I-Drop Water

The South African Plastics Pact in partnership with the MAVA Foundation recently held a contest for innovative reusable packaging solutions...

Issued by GreenCape 18 Mar 2021

How wheat straw, mango peels could be used for renewable food packaging

Wheat straw and mango peels that are normally disposed of in landfills or used as manure and animal feed could potentially be used in the development of renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic active food packaging that could help keep products fresher for longer...

15 Mar 2021

New campaign promotes recycling of food and beverage cartons

Fibre Circle is calling on South African food producers to help drive awareness that food and beverage cartons are recyclable...

15 Mar 2021

New sustainable packaging initiative to encourage greener logistics industry

By proving that order fulfilment strategies can use paper packaging instead of plastic, the logistics company aims to set a new sustainable precedent for the industry.

8 Mar 2021

Protect production uptime with tried-and-tested consumables

For decades, Markem-Imaje, locally represented by Pyrotec PackMark, has developed consumable solutions for customers' evolving needs and expectations...

Issued by Pyrotec 4 Mar 2021

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