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Michael Beaumont says Election Polls are a joke and there is more to come from Action SA

Michael Beaumont says Election Polls are a joke and there is more to come from Action SA

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    Motherland OMNi brand experience manager Molly Xulu on mastering the evolving media landscape

    In today's dynamic media landscape, staying ahead of the curve is a constant challenge. But for Molly Xulu, brand experience manager at Motherland OMNi, it's an opportunity for innovation and exceeding client expectations.

    "The media is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. You have to adapt and constantly evolve" says Xulu. "At Motherland OMNi, we're not just keeping up - we're actively shaping the future."

    Motherland OMNi brand experience manager Molly Xulu on mastering the evolving media landscape

    Motherland OMNi is a force to be reckoned with in the South African media scene, and Xulu's insights offer a glimpse into their strategic approach. While reflecting on the developments of 2023, several valuable insights emerged. She emphasises the importance of:

    • Data-driven decision making: Leveraging analytics and insights allowed for a more precise understanding of audience preferences, enabling targeted and effective campaigns.
    • Multi-channel synergy: Combining the strengths of different mediums proved to be more impactful in reaching diverse audience segments and maximising overall campaign reach.
    • Interactive and engaging content: Create engaging content that encourages audience interaction and participation became a key differentiator.
    • Adaptability to trends: Staying abreast of evolving trends proved crucial. Embracing recent technologies and audience preferences allows for a more relevant and resonant advertising approach.
    • Personalisation and localisation: Tailoring messages to local audiences for deeper connections and greater impact. Advertisers found success in connecting with audiences on a more personal level, emphasising the importance of localised and personalised campaigns.
    • Measuring cross-channel impact: Understanding the cross-channel impact of advertising efforts to ensure campaign effectiveness.
    • Emergence of new platforms: The landscape witnessed an increased interest in community radio, video and live-streaming usage. Brands used the power of interactive radio features as well as video content to engage and interact with consumers. Exploring these platforms offered fresh opportunities for creative and impactful campaigns.

    These learnings from 2023 are already driving Motherland OMNi's success in 2024. Their groundbreaking Wi-Fi marketing platform, OMNi-Fi, stands as a testament to their cutting-edge approach. With over 10 million daily impressions, exceptional click-through rates, and guaranteed viewability, OMNi-Fi is transforming the way brands connect with consumers.

    I'm most excited about one of our products OMNi-Fi which we officially launched a few months ago

    How Motherland OMNi's sales team wins in a dynamic landscape

    While technology empowers Motherland OMNi's campaigns, Molly Xulu, brand experience manager, knows it's the human touch that builds lasting success. "It's not just about closing deals," she emphasises, "it's about partnering with clients to achieve their goals and contribute to thriving communities."

    This philosophy permeates Motherland OMNi's client-centric approach:

    • Continuous communication: Maintaining open and transparent communication channels is essential.
    • Understanding individual needs: Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, the sales team customises solutions to address specific customer requirements.
    • Commitment to shared value: Instead of focusing solely on immediate sales, the team emphasises building long-term relationships with clients. This approach involves consistently delivering value, being reliable, and demonstrating a commitment to the client's success.

    This client-centric philosophy translates into tangible results. By tailoring solutions, adapting strategies, and providing reliable support, Motherland OMNi empowers your brand to flourish.

    Here's how the team prioritise exceeding needs:

    • By placing the clients at the centre of operations, ensuring that all decisions and actions revolve around meeting and exceeding client expectations.
    • The team invests time and effort in thoroughly understanding the unique needs, challenges, and goals of each client.
    • Conducting regular check-ins with clients helps the team stay informed about evolving needs and allows for adjustments to be made promptly.
    • Recognising that customer needs may evolve; the sales team remains flexible and adaptable.

    At Motherland OMNi, the client reigns supreme. We are not just a sales team – we're your trusted partner on the path to sustained growth and success. Every decision and action, crafted by our dedicated sales team, revolves around surpassing expectations and achieving your business goals.

    With a focus on continuous learning and development, the Motherland OMNi team is constantly honing their skills and staying ahead of the curve. Their dedication to excellence is evident in their ambitious plans for market expansion, fuelled by an "anything is possible" attitude.

    In the lively yet demanding world of media, success requires agility and resilience. Our team recognises the challenges inherent in this industry – from the competitive presence of larger media outlets and market saturation to unpredictable economic conditions and the need for ongoing client education.

    How does our team do it? It involves a combination of strategic planning, continuous learning, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach to the ever-changing demands of the media industry.

    Xulu's personal philosophy for 2024 – "Don't announce anything this year. Vumbuka!" (loosely translated, "Just show up!") – perfectly encapsulates the company's spirit. In 2024, Motherland OMNi isn't just talking the talk – we’re walking the walk with innovative solutions, client-centric partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


    Motherland OMNi is a leading media company in South Africa that is redefining the playbook, specialising in creative and effective advertising solutions across various platforms. By forging authentic connections, data-driven insights, innovative technologies, and client-centric partnerships, Motherland OMNi is changing the game and pushing the boundaries of the media landscape.

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