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Motherland OMNi, is your Community and Brand Experience partner, specialising in reach, engagement, experiential and affinity solutions to authentically connect your brand to audiences.
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Empowering brands with meaningful community connections
Finance and clothing seem an unlikely pair at first glance. Yet, these seemingly disparate elements form the backbone of two of South Africa's most trusted and authentic brands: Old Mutual and Woolworths. In an age inundated with fake news, scams, and scandals, the commodities of trust and authenticity are rarer than ever. Today's consumers are more sceptical than before, seeking more than just quality products and services. They yearn for brands that resonate with their values, align with their vision, and amplify their voice.Brands such as Old Mutual and Woolworths have emerged as stalwarts of authenticity amidst a sea of scepticism. By embracing inclusivity, quality, and community empowerment, they've transcended the limitations of mere commercial entities, intricately weaving themselves into the very fabric of South African society. 15 Nov 2023 Read more

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