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Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more

Angela Sobey , Western Cape, Equal Rights and more

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    JamiiTrade: Empowering African SMEs to thrive in cross-border trade

    The latest figures released by the South African government indicate a concerning trend in the country's unemployment rate, which has risen to 32.1% from 31.9% in the third quarter. Shift Impact Africa Group, which consists of Shift Impact Africa and Shared Value Africa Initiative are proud to announce the BETA Phase release of JamiiTrade, a revolutionary digital application designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs to combat this and to transform the landscape of cross-border trade for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Africa.
    JamiiTrade: Empowering African SMEs to thrive in cross-border trade

    Jamii, derived from the Swahili word meaning "community," JamiiTrade embodies the spirit of collaboration and partnership among African SMEs.

    "We believe that empowered SMEs are the backbone of Africa's economic prosperity," said Tiekie Barnard, founder and CEO, of Shared Value Africa Initiative. "With JamiiTrade, we aim to democratise access to resources, foster pan-African collaboration, and catalyse sustainable growth for SMEs across the continent."

    Through this peer-to-peer exchange, a wealth of knowledge and information is cultivated, forming the foundation for data-driven insights that can drive policy change, open new markets, and create unprecedented opportunities for pan-African SMEs.

    JamiiTrade will offer:

    • A comprehensive suite of features and data aimed at advancing economic sustainability and fostering growth and capacity building.
    • Research and development feedback loop.
    • A Trade Partner Trust Rating System: Build credibility and trust within the JamiiTrade community through transparent rating systems, empowering SMEs to make informed decisions and establish mutually beneficial partnerships.

    JamiiTrade will be more than just a platform; it will be a trusted and credible network, a potential source of invaluable data and insights that bridge the gap between businesses and policymakers. By leveraging the collective wisdom of the JamiiTrade community, SMEs can navigate the complexities of cross-border trade with confidence and resilience.

    The new app is poised to become the go-to community and information platform for SMEs seeking to unlock the full potential of cross-border trade. Join us in building a brighter future for African entrepreneurship with JamiiTrade.

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    For media inquiries, please contact Sam Gqomo at moc.aldnamow@mas or call 0746100694

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