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    Elections 2024

    Dawie Roodt returns with some in depth economic analysis regarding the GNU and its future!

    Dawie Roodt returns with some in depth economic analysis regarding the GNU and its future!

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    Beauty survey results from South African Gen Zs - get it now!

    Brand Influence, a leading South African influencer marketing agency, is sharing the results of an extensive survey targeting Gen Z's behaviour within the beauty category, as well as their interactions with beauty brands on social media. The study, conducted through the agency's B2C channel Beauty Bulletin (on both Instagram and TikTok), gathered insights from 7,000 Gen Z respondents, shedding light on the beauty purchasing behaviours and social media usage of one of the market’s most influential demographics.
    Beauty survey results from South African Gen Zs - get it now!

    Survey highlights:

    • who completed the survey:
    • 7000 total respondents, of which (98%) were women, (67%) were black. Majority of these (43%) were Gen Z aged 18-24, followed by ages 25-30 (31%).

    • Social media behaviour:
    • A significant (64%) of these Gen Zs identify as content creators who are active on social media platforms all day. This active engagement includes creating, commenting, and networking, highlighting the importance of dynamic and interactive content in reaching this audience.

    • Social platform preferences:
    • Instagram leads as the general platform of choice (94%) usage, followed by TikTok (84%), and then Facebook (63%). When it comes to beauty content specifically, Instagram also takes the top spot with 48% of the Gen Zs saying it’s their go-to platform for all beauty content, followed by TikTok with 45%.

    • Top beauty categories:
    • Skincare emerges as the leading beauty category for Gen Z (94%), followed by makeup (81%) and haircare (74%). Sunscreen, cleansers, and moisturisers are the top skincare essentials.

    • Top content preferences:
    • Gen Z are highly interested in beauty and grooming content (97%), with strong preferences for tutorials (85%), reviews (65%), and ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos (61%). They also engage with lifestyle (94%), fashion (90%), and food (80%) content.

    • Beauty purchasing behaviour:
    • Over half of the Gen Zs (53%) purchase beauty products monthly, with (57%) stating that they have bought products directly via social media. Instagram is the most influential platform for online purchases (68%).

    Beauty survey results from South African Gen Zs - get it now!

    Key insights for beauty brands on social media:

    • Building authentic beauty communities:
    • Although a large majority of Gen Z follow beauty influencers (86%), followed by beauty brands (76%), they still highly value connectivity and (41%) say they follow everyday people just like themselves. This dynamic highlights the need for brands to not only engage through beauty influencers but also to build communities where everyday users can connect and share their interests. Fostering communities among users who share similar beauty interests can amplify engagement and loyalty.

    • Focus on video:
    • Video content on TikTok and Instagram Reels is more likely to capture attention and influence purchasing decisions.

    • Engagement is key:
    • Brands must focus on creating interactive and engaging content to attract Gen Z consumers, who prefer to be active participants rather than passive consumers.

    "Understanding these behaviours and preferences helps us create more impactful influencer campaigns that resonate with Gen Z," said Lori Weiner, co-founder at Brand Influence. "Our survey shows that beauty brands must be innovative, relatable, and responsive to stay relevant in this highly competitive market."

    For more information on Brand Influence's services and campaigns, please visit

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