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WATCH: #MarketingMasterminds: The dream team delivering dynamic insights for KFC

By overcoming certain limitations especially when it came to product insights, the teams at ROI Hunter and Yonder, managed to be more efficient in the way they advertised and allowed KFC to scale their sales fast in the e-commerce space. Running dynamic ads with the insights gained from the ROI Hunter Product Insights tool allowed them to scale specifically their new customer acquisition efforts at a faster rate. The result: hyper-charged growth at effective costs.

Both the Facebook and Instagram platforms were used together. ROI Hunter as a Product Marketing platform, collected product performance data from each channel and combined it into a single source of truth. This enabled them to utilise the insights not only from major data sources, but also enabled them to compare and use the cross-channel insights.

Fiona Potgieter, the COO of Yonder, and Parul Mehta, the lead customer success manager of ROI Hunter, share more detailed behind-the-scenes insights about the overarching KFC e-commerce Always On campaign...

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