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The #Covid-19 Survival Toolkit for the small business

Covid-19 is causing widespread devastation to small businesses
Jason Goldberg
Jason Goldberg

In times of crisis, speed is essential. The more existential the risks facing your business, the faster you need to move in order to cement your survival. To help you respond at speed to the coronavirus and its effects, we’ve developed a Covid-19 Survival Toolkit for the small business and entrepreneur. This toolkit provides you with the keys you need to unlock swift responses and planning and position your business on a stable foundation over the coming months.

The toolkit we’ve developed has been curated from best practice content and resources. It leverages the skills and learnings from established business leaders and from 10X best practice to provide you with relevant advice that will make a difference to your business and its growth. The 10X Covid-19 Survival Toolkit is free to use – it can be accessed here – and has been developed to do more than just make your business stronger, it includes insights that can help you find positive outcomes in the current crisis.

We will be constantly adding to the toolkit over the coming weeks, so if your business has come up with a clever plan for remote working or uncovered powerful resources and tools that can benefit other businesses, please pay them forward. We will publish these resources in our toolkit to create a comprehensive guide to managing a business in the time of coronavirus. You can email or call us to share this information and we will credit your input as the guide grows and evolves.

In addition to curating resources designed to help entrepreneurs survive over the next few months, we will be releasing a series of Covid-19 webinars that will discuss how you can manage your response to the virus. The webinars will be focused on sharing key tools and practical leadership lessons and will include a Q&A platform for you to engage with seasoned crisis leaders. If you would like to join in one of the webinars, contact us so we can add you to the invite list.

As we face these challenging times it’s easy to get lost in the complexities, the threats and the fears that run alongside the quarantines and shutdowns. It’s easy to remember that the ancient Chinese curse was ‘May you live in interesting times’. But these interesting times can be an opportunity for you to strengthen your business and recognise your resilience in the face of hardship. No, it won’t be easy, but with the right tools and with ongoing collaboration, we can find the opportunities and face the future with grace.

To find out more about the 10X Covid-19 Survival Toolkit click below, to contact us to find out more information about the webinars or to share your own survival best practice, email moc.htworgegde@grebdlogj.

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