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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    Trends in the business world which are affecting recruitment and hiring

    With the recent hype around ChatGPT and AI, it's crucial to explore how this technology could potentially impact the field of recruiting. Pnet recognises the significance of this discussion and offers a snapshot of some important considerations:
    Trends in the business world which are affecting recruitment and hiring


    1. Reduces human bias

    Hiring bias is not only detrimental to job seekers, but to recruiters, employees and businesses. This is because unconscious biases can hinder diversity and inclusion efforts as well as company retention rates. And, unfortunately, this often occurs during the recruitment process.

    AI offers the potential to reduce human bias, because it can be programmed to focus only on important factors such as the candidate’s skills, work experience and qualifications.

    2. Frees up time

    Sifting through hundreds of applications every day to find the right candidates for different roles is hugely time consuming for recruiters. AI could help to dramatically reduce the time spent on manually screening applications and CVs In addition, with a more automated process of selecting candidates, it is likely that more data could then be gathered and adeptly assessed.

    3. Improve the Candidate experience

    Recruiters are often too busy to respond timeously to candidates, for example when a candidate’s application for a job was unsuccessful. With the introduction of chatbots and virtual assistants, candidates will receive feedback faster and have a more positive view of the recruitment process. This could result in them applying for jobs more confidently in the future.


    1. Keyword dependency

    AI tech in recruitment depends heavily on using keywords to scan applications and CVs. This could potentially lead to candidates “tricking” the system into identifying them as a good fit for a particular role when, in reality, they are not.

    2. Absence of human judgement

    Although AI may reduce human bias in hiring, it may also overlook candidates who have atypical work experience but may still be the best fit for the position based their personality and “soft skills” Assessing character traits and personal attributes requires human judgement.

    3. AI is impersonal

    Brand loyalty is important for both recruiters and employers. Even if a candidate is unsuccessful in their application for a certain role, there may be a vacancy which would be perfect for the same candidate in the future. While AI chatbots can be great for answering frequently asked questions, a recruiter is still best placed to create an authentic relationship with quality candidates. To this end, it is unlikely that AI will ever fully replace a recruiter’s job, as human decisions are always needed in HR areas, like interviewing and deciding which candidate would best fit not only the job, but the team itself.

    Parting thoughts

    Although AI certainly has the potential to change the landscape of recruiting to some degree, it is not a silver bullet that can solve all hiring challenges. Human judgement and intuition will continue to play a vital role in recruitment.

    At Pnet, we believe that the future of recruitment lies in the synergy between AI and human intelligence. This combination will lead to a more efficient, fair, and candidate-friendly recruitment process, helping companies attract the right person for the right job, at the right time. We are committed to be ahead of the curve and, with our reach in the market, we are well positioned to capture the benefits of AI.

    About Pnet

    Founded in 1997 and now part of global JobTech giant, the Stepstone Group, Pnet has helped transform South Africa’s e-recruitment sector. Pnet's mission, under the ownership of StepStone, is to find "The Right Job for Everyone". Using one of the world’s leading next-generation recruitment platforms, we use smart-matching technologies to disrupt the way talent and businesses connect. With a combined community of over 5 000 recruiters and a database of close to a million job seekers, we are the go-to platform for employment opportunities and recruitment needs.

    Pnet is about making connections that work. Our technology platform is an empowering online space where recruiters can find the right talent to help their companies succeed, and jobseekers can find work that helps them discover purpose, meaning, and joy in their everyday lives.

    Although we are a data-driven enterprise, people will always be at the core of our business. That’s how we can offer South Africans a distinctive job-seeking and recruitment experience.

    Smart insights. Smarter recruitment.

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    Pnet's recruitment platform uses smart-matching technology to connect the right candidates to the right vacancies at the right time. Part of the global StepStone Group, Pnet offers end-to-end recruitment solutions.
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