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Not compromising quality in the township space

The township space is becoming increasingly competitive with more than 50% of South Africans living in townships across the country. Brands are finding it challenging to grab the attention of the consumer. While unemployment remains high, the spending power of the township market is massive, accounting for billions of rands.
Not compromising quality in the township space
Not compromising quality in the township space

The question then becomes how brands separate themselves from their competitors that are fighting for the attention of the same consumer. What platforms and means of engagement would one use to connect the consumer to the brand?

Pepsico, has launched two brands in this space, Nik Naks, and The SimbaxKFC hot wings, and has ensured these campaigns stand out from other brands in the township market.

With Nik Naks, they created artwork with messaging that is relatable to ekasi through different messaging on each wall mural. These wall murals are bold, large, impactful and cannot be missed. With the message reading, 'The spirit of ekasi fuels everything we do', this is one of many other quotes Nik Naks used to relate with their target market. One of the other quotes read 'No one in Mzansi has mswenko like us'. Nik Naks is using language as a tool to connect to their respective market by doing so they want consumers to relate with the brand personally and make consumers feel seen by the brand. By using wall murals Nik Naks is familiarising themselves with the language yase kasi and connecting with their target audience. They go as far as having these taglines in the various official South African languages such as isiZulu which reads, 'Kwaito to amapiano kukhal'esthu isicathulo'. This is what many would consider as respectful marketing because of its inclusivity.

The Simba Zinger Wings flavour is born out of the idea of the loved KFC zinger wings. Here we see Simba collaborating with a big brand that is also loved by township consumers, KFC. The collaboration just by its very nature is innovative because it forces both brands to create something new and compelling for each other’s audiences. From a social perspective, Simba and KFC are brands that are loved in the township space and that is why the collaboration was compatible. This is also why Pepsico approaching Owakhe Media to execute their campaigns through wall murals was also an appropriate choice.

Owakhe Media uses high quality airbrush techniques for a premium finish for both Nik Naks and SimbaxKFC campaigns. Owakhe Media’s production team prides itself on executing work of the highest quality. We do not compromise on the quality of executions because we believe that the township space is worthy of quality advertising.

Further details on our work can be obtained at www.owakhemedia.co.za as well as on our social media pages.

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