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Synergise with digital-out-of-home advertising

We all know the traditional Out-Of-Home (OOH) as a form of outdoor advertising such as billboards and the like. With most marketing channels going digital, it only makes sense for OOH to take a step in the same direction.
Synergise with digital-out-of-home advertising

What is Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising?

Simply put, it is similar to your everyday outdoor advertising but with digital components or elements used to deliver the marketing message.

Large organisations targeting the mass market, who typically place billboards, will find they can run more engaging, eye-catching campaigns using DOOH and reach a broader audience through advertising in the township locations and taxi ranks. Plus, you can now stay informed as to how your ad is performing.

As per Statista, "Global spending on DOOH advertising is expected to increase to $15.9bn by 2027. In 2019, the growth recorded was $6.7bn." Showing the shift from traditional outdoor, to a targeted digital approach.

Two approaches to DOOH advertising

1. Traditional DOOH relies on direct sales with the media owners (house/screen) for prime spot bookings and aired accordingly. It is a more time-consuming process than programmatic.
2. Programmatic DOOH takes place through an automated real-time bidding system where it searches for the most relevant ad and displays it.

Benefits of DOOH

Whether you go with traditional or programmatic DOOH, there are multiple benefits to transform your outdoor advertising approach. The best is that DOOH has made outdoor advertising more affordable, so an organisation of any size, with any budget, can make use of it:

  • Organisations can quickly change their marketing messaging to reflect any new strategies, products or prices within hours.
  • You can advertise in remote areas like townships, taxi ranks and the like to reach broader audiences in affordable and more effective ways.
  • Easily monitor, track, manage, and display your brands content in real-time via programmatic DOOH.
  • DOOH allows for more creativity as your campaigns can be interactive and engaging via a digital screen.
  • As we mentioned above, DOOH is far more cost-effective and affordable for an organisation of any size, as there are no printing or installation costs.
  • Experience faster production times, so your campaigns can go live and be adjusted at any time. There is no need to wait for printing turnaround times.

Use DOOH as another part of your omnichannel marketing approach. Again, broadening your reach and engaging with different target audiences through a channel on which they want to interact on.

Velly Bosega, CEO of Adclick Africa says, "DOOH has made outdoor advertising more accessible for brands as you can book it based upon the budget you have available."

Creative executions for digital-out-of-home

To best describe the limitless capabilities of the creative executions possible with DOOH, let's look at a few big retail brand examples:

Fashion Retailer
With DOOH, you could have an advert showing your hottest summer trend. As the weather changes to cold during the day, the advert will automatically adjust to showcase your upcoming winter options.

Vehicle manufacturer or outlet

Your outdoor ad can adjust from a scene of a vehicle driving in the sunshine, to switching on the car headlights as it turns to dusk.


Display your adverts on various campuses throughout South Africa and serve adverts aimed at students and their parents.

All of the above examples are executed using a LOOP Roadside Network. It is high impact screens that can overlay dynamic content plugging into API's which change the creatives depending on the changes to the environments around the billboards. With weather adjusting adverts and a broader way of reaching your consumer, DOOH can be the competitive edge you need to cut through the advertising noise.

The data behind your DOOH is anonymized and GDPR compliant. And all your Digital-Out-Of-Home adverts are 100% viewable, unskippable, ad-block and fraud-free. Improving your viewability and visibility to the audience.

Here are a few ways Velly Bosega suggests creating some synergy across your digital and DOOH efforts:

    1. Increase online performance: Brand awareness can complement and amplify the efforts of your digital campaigns. You can even A/B test creatives and content depending on the performance of your online campaigns in isolation versus when supported by DOOH in a specific region(s).
    2. Intelligent Location Buying: Use the data and insights you gather from your online campaigns to identify IP addresses, latitudes and longitudes from mobile interactions to pinpoint locations where you currently receive the best click-through rates/sales and use these when booking your DOOH locations. Again, just echoing all the messaging to create a holistic campaign.

    3. New Customer Journey Insights: With the advancement of people-based ad tech, marketers can tie a formally traditional advertising medium, into the consumer ad journey to better understand cross channel campaigns and return on ad spend associated with digital-out-of-home.

Call Adclick Africa to unlock your outdoor advertising potential using premium networks and a creative team to help develop and execute your digital billboard. Adopt a tech-savvy approach to your digital marketing.

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