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    The brainstorming space is an incredibly malleable one. Not all ideas are manufactured within the confines of four glass walls of the boardroom. Some of them are composed – with theme tune – in the shower. In this instance, however, the organic, creative process used client-agency voice notes as the catalyst.
    We were briefed to create a campaign to amplify the reach of the Ellen DeGeneres Show that would ultimately convert more viewers to the global talk show.

    In a world of negative press and divisive rhetoric, there is one person who believes in the goodness of all people and champions positivity and pure fun. Ellen is the real-life superhero that this world needs. Even President Obama knew this, which is why he presented her with the coveted Medal of Freedom Award – the highest civilian award in the United States.

    As a tribute to Ellen, we decided to celebrate her at the one place conducive to hero-worship, and fancy dressing as one’s idol – an international cricket match. If you can dress as Spiderman, Superman or Batman on the Open East Stands of the Wanderers Cricket Stadium, why not dress as Ellen? We decided to take it one step further. Surely, we can create a World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Ellen DeGeneres?

    We recruited 150 Ellens via social media and this is what went down on 4 February:

    We submitted the content to The Ellen Show itself and BoomChikaWowWow, guess what? It made it to the front page of Ellen Tube for Best User Submitted content! #Winning

    click to enlarge
    Now that we have managed to stir up the Ellen emotions, what happens next? Every weekday, from 17:00, you can tune into The Ellen Show on M-Net Channel 101 on DStv (until 31 March), a question about the daily guest will appear on screen and if you SMS the correct answer, you will be entered into a draw to actually win a trip to The Ellen Show.

    How amaze?

    We. Can’t. Literally. Even!

    About Mike Sharman

    Mike Sharman is the owner of Retroviral Digital Communications, an online communications consultancy specialising in communication strategy, social media and content creation.

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