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Nzinga Qunta: 'I want to bring relatability to business news'

Business anchor Nzinga Qunta, the new host of hot business on Hot 102.7FM says she wants to bring relatable content to listeners.
Nzinga Qunta: 'I want to bring relatability to business news'

“I’m very excited to be hosting a business show on a growing, exciting commercial station like Hot1027. I took the position because it is an opportunity to, together with our listeners, talk more about something that affects all of us, our economy and money.

“We are ensuring that it’s a solid business show with CEOs, economists, and entrepreneurs featuring heavily but also making sure it’s relatable, punchy content that’s not stuffy,” she says.


Qunta has been a journalist for 15 years and has had stints on ANN7 and talk radio station Power 98.7, whilst more recently she anchored a show on SABC.

“Technically, I’m not a journalist because I obtained law and English literature degrees, and somehow found myself in the news space without a journalism degree. I’ve been in the media space since I was 14 but doing news presentations for a decade. News is so dynamic, and in particular business news because there’s always learning and reading so I can never get bored,” says Qunta.

She says disinformation and harassment are some of the challenges facing journalists today, especially those in the public eye.

“There’s an onslaught of disinformation and misinformation and very personal attacks against journalists. Keeping their heads down and doing the work can be challenging because of that,” says Qunta.

High profile interviews

Over the years she has had highlights such as interviewing high profile people such as Jack Ma.

“There are few highlights in my career like moderating at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2022 with a constellation of people who shape policy around health, economics and governance worldwide. Moderating at The Future Investment Initiative with some of the most interest minds in business from around the world, and interviewing Ali Baba founder Jack Ma rank among them. These opportunities came as a result of anchoring the flagship business show on SABC News so that is also one. My latest highlight is being trusted by a commercial station to anchor a prime time business radio show!”

Qunta is inspired by many women who rose up the ranks in journalism such as Lerato Mbele.

“When I decided I wanted to go into news, women such as Nikiwe Bikitsha and Lerato Mbele were people I admired, and was lucky enough to interact with them and get advice and tips. There are so many interesting business news anchors that I enjoy listening to and watching now as well,” she says.

Drowning out the noise

The business anchor says she wants to be remembered as someone who went above and beyond in her work. “I would like to be remembered as someone who broadcasts factual, reliable, interesting content, who is reliable, pleasant to work with and demystifies business,” says Qunta.

Her advice to young journalists is to put facts above everything.

“Facts matter. Always remember that. Drown out the noise. Focus on what you want to do, do it to the best of your ability and be patient. It all works out at some point.”

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