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The Cape's longest inner-city egg-and-spoon race

Kfm 94.5 hosted the mother city's longest egg-and-spoon race on Friday morning. Station presenters took to the city streets participating in an up-tempo twist on the classic childhood game. The race which was 5 kilometers long formed part of the stations launch campaign to promote the 2018 OUTsurance Life Kfm Gun Run.
The ultimate game of balance and coordination with the lengthiest inner-city relay race celebrated the radio station’s twenty-two-year partnership with OUTsurance and the Gun Run. The activation included listeners, presenters, clients and trade partners who cheered, challenged and enjoyed the merriment around the nostalgic egg-and-spoon race.

The competition kicked off at nine am at Signal Hill with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs from the Kfm Mornings show, and ended just before the Noon Day gun signaled midday with Ryan O’ Connor bursting into the studio just in time to start his show. The Noon Day gun also heralds the closing of the OUTsurance Life Kfm Gun Run for which the station draw inspiration for their supreme race against time.

Journey of the game of balance and coordination:

Race start

Leg 1:

Location - Signal Hill - Time: 9am
Kfm Mornings with Darren, Sherlin and Sibs

Leg 2:

Location - Bo- Kaap Museum - Time: 10am
Mamohau Seseane and Mitch Matyana

Leg 3:

Location: St Georges Mall - Time: 10.40am
Andy Maqondwana

Leg 4:

Location: Media 24 - Time: 11am
Ryan O’Connor

Race ends

Leg 5:

Location - Kfm 94.5 studios – Time: Noon
Ryan O’Connor

“Kfm is all about fun, and bringing the people of the Cape together. With Spring fast approaching and big summer event experiences on the horizon, we wanted to launch into the weekend and the season of renewal by creating an entertaining Friday morning experience with listeners. The response in person, via our WhatsApp line, on-air commentary during Tracey Lange’s show and across social media was phenomenal. We’re excited about our continued partnership with OUTsurance and the Gun Run, and can’t wait for race day”, said Stephen Werner, Programme Manager, Kfm 94.5.

For more on Kfm 94.5 and to view the race video click or follow the station on social media: @KfmZA . For more information OUTsurance Life Kfm Gun Run 2018 visit:

Primedia Broadcasting's press office

This is wonderful! hopefully my little one can do this one day. All they need is a professional spoon and egg set.
Posted on 30 Nov 2018 03:03