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Best radio ad of the month

All campaigns should solve business challenges and deliver results, but the cherry on the top is to have the creative and execution recognised by peers as a shining example. And that's just what Boomtown did with its latest national radio campaign for Shatterprufe.

Highlighting SA's premier windscreen manufacturer's trusted and high-quality product, Grenada/Grenada received glowing acclaim from the world's best ad industry website, BestAds.

A prestigous award, BestAds is an initiative that highlights the best adverts from across the globe. A single, high-profile ad industry professional selects their top ads each month. Radio ads feature every four months and Shatterprufe's was one of six for the period.

Within the windscreen market cheaper, alternative windscreens have been imported from the East and have been endorsed by insurers at a lower price - unbeknown to the consumer. Audibly Shatterprufe and shatterproof sound the same, and consumers believe they have the genuine article, when they don't. This was the hurdle Boomtown had to overcome.

Andrew Mackenzie, Boomtown's creative director said of their work with Shatterprufe: "Our team creatively solved Shatterprufe's predicament by painting an audio picture using two, 30 second radio spots of how tourists misspelling a destination could land themselves in hot water.

"One advert describes the intention to reach idyllic Laos, when in fact they find themselves in Lagos, one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians. The second sees the driver in Granada famous for its poisonous tree frogs, not Grenada."

Link to audio:

Boomtown Coastal MD, Glen Meier added: "Boomtown is results driven - and the creative execution and our strategy delivered. The successful conveyance of a written word on an audio platform, convincing the listener/consumer that insisting on the correct brand, carries quality assurances and peace of mind. The listener is urged to pay particular attention to the spelling of Shatterprufe and the peace of mind brand promise delivers."

Targeting car owners, the advert was aired on 5FM and smaller regional stations and will be flighted across southern Africa in the near future.

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