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Zambian mining industry trade expo and conference to launch in April 2014

The US$7,5 billion Zambian mining industry is experiencing rapid growth. The number of mining operations is increasing, and this has led to positive industry advances in the form of technical development and up-skilling.
Specialised Exhibitions, organisers of ElectraMining South Africa, and Spintelligent, organisers of the specialist iPAD Series of Mining, Energy & Infrastructure Conferences, have announced the launch of a dedicated mining industry trade expo and conference in the heart of the Zambian mining region.

The Copperbelt Mining Trade Expo & Conference (CBM-TEC) aims to deliver on industry requirements through the first professional attendance-only event exclusively on the Copperbelt. The event is a showcase of technology, equipment and services coupled with unique workshop-led content designed to provide knowledge and training to mining operation teams. Ranging from mining solutions to the latest energy management requirements CBM-TEC is a must-attend for any industry player with a professional interest in doing business in the Copperbelt region.

A timely response to industry demand

"The industry wants this event. The investment and policy driven phase of this emerging market is well populated, the industry mentioned to us they want technical solutions and an event, which needs to be within the industry geography," comments David Ashdown, event development director at Spintelligent. "Our biggest challenge was where to accommodate an event of this nature and scale, and it required the JV team to think outside the box to bring forward some creative solutions. We are hosting this outdoor event in Kitwe on the Copperbelt, we will create our own unique environment on a 200,000 sqm site, bringing in full technical services, the engagement of local businesses and the support of the local community."

The two joint venture partners show proven excellence in delivering professionally attended events across Africa. Through parent companies Montgomery and Clarion Events, they have access to a global network of industry and event professionals.

"The joint venture plays to the strengths of both organisers...Our exhibitor base is looking for export opportunities outside of South Africa and the Copperbelt is regarded as a key region in central and southern Africa. The response from the launch has been extremely positive and we are expecting a sold-out launch edition for 28-29 April 2014," comments Gary Corin, managing director, Specialised Exhibitions.

"CBM-TEC will change the face of mining exhibitions in Zambia. The time is now for a technical-led trade expo platform and we are thrilled to be doing this in partnership with ElectraMining," concludes Ashdown.

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