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Red Bull Amaphiko Film Festival to screen over 40 films

The inaugural Red Bull Amaphiko Film Festival is happening in Soweto, 28-30 October 2016, at the Eyethu Cinema and Lifestyle Centre. The festival aims to tell socially engaging stories and give members of the community a chance to watch and celebrate locally produced films.
Various daytime screenings will take place, as well as two free community screenings on Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm to 9pm. All screenings feature a mix of documentary, features and short films from both self-taught and acclaimed South African filmmakers.

Films to be screened

Among the 40 films selected for screening are Once Upon a Town, a documentary series by Cape Town-based production company Iconic that follows graffiti artist Falko as he travels to small towns and informal settlements and leaves his mark in colourful murals. The Suit is a film starring Atandwa and John Kani, directed by fledgling filmmaker Jarryd Coetsee.

Queen of Katwe, a film set in the slums of Kampala, Uganda takes us through a journey of a Ugandan girl whose world changes rapidly after being introduced to the game of chess. Featuring Lupita Nyong’o, this Disney production takes one on a journey through the overpopulated city of Kampala and various means of survival.

Ngoako Mailula (Red Bull Amaphiko Film Festival participant and filmmakers from Orlando , Soweto): Photo cred: Siya Mkhabise

Another of the selected films is Thina Sobabili translated "The Two of Us", an award-winning film by filmmaker and creative Ernest Nkosi. “Film is the only medium that allows people to go into a dark room and be taken on a journey by the director,” explains Nkosi, “a journey that could take them anywhere in the world, and which engages all parts of the mind.” Thina Sobabili explores a story of two siblings and their journey through life knowing that they have no-one but each other to lean on. “Storytelling is storytelling, when the story finds you and keeps you up at night, then you are responsible for it,” concludes Nkosi.

The festival will showcase these and more compelling stories all with the aim to spark conversation and celebrate the power of film. Tickets to the community screenings are now available. Each screening is limited to 60 seats.

Click here to book tickets. For more information, go to the Amaphiko Film Festival event page on Facebook.
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