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Incorporating fashion into your outfits with Designer Optics

Eyewear has gone in and out of fashion a few times. In the beginning, eyewear was seen as prestigious as only the affluent had the means to purchase eyewear, but as it gained popularity, it became common and over time, glasses became intertwined with geek culture which made them look 'uncool'. This hasn't changed the way that those truly fashionable at heart looked at eyewear as large designer brands continued to roll out designs. It wasn't until geek culture became pop culture that glasses were deemed 'cool' again. Now, there are plenty of frames, shapes, sizes, colours, and brands to choose from, ranging from expensive to dirt cheap.
Incorporating fashion into your outfits with Designer Optics

Designer Optics, an online eyewear marketplace founded in 2011, decided that it wasn’t fair that only those with excess wealth can afford to purchase designer eyewear, so they launched their own platform which touts the best prices that almost everyone can afford. Being affordable isn’t their only aim, but rather, their aim was to bring trendy pieces to the masses without hurting the wallet and here are a few ways that one can dress their outfits up or down with eyewear.

You don’t need to break out the contacts for evening wear

Though it is something that is frequently recommended, there are other ways that you can dress up without having to ditch the glasses.

“There have been many red carpet looks that also have the element of eyewear. If it’s good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for a wedding,” explains Aron Ekstein, one of the key principles at Designer Optics. As someone who loves fashion, he has taken the time to understand what makes certain outfits work and why others fail, especially when it comes to pairing with eyewear, “But if you think you’ll be able to pull off this look with just your reading glasses, think again. For evening wear and eyewear to match, it’s always a good idea to make the eyewear the star of the outfit. If it’s too bland, it will just look sloppy and lazy. But if it’s bold, dramatic, and eye-catching, its purpose would be clear: Your eyewear is the star of your outfit. Purposeful accessorising will ensure that your outfit looks more put together than anyone else’s.”

Don’t get glasses in the shades of clothes you usually wear

It might seem like a good idea to stick to your everyday palette, the truth is that it can get really bland and boring. Unless that’s the kind of look you’re going for, it’s always better to go for colours that complement rather than similar colours.

“If you have blacks and blues in your closet, the colour that would complement best may be orange, but that can be too bold for some, so go for something more subdued like brown or deep russet colours. If lighter hues dominate your closet, I’d say that darker tones would be a better fit.”

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of accessories, you want to make sure that the colours match. Whether it’s a red headband or chunky loud earrings, anything that decorates your face should all be colour coordinated for the best effect.

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