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#Bookmarks2017: Digital download with... Nona Creative

Local digirati shone at the recent IAB Bookmark Awards 2017. Here's some feedback from Nona Creative's founder, Gordon Angus and UX strategist, Kerry Beetge-Schutte.
#Bookmarks2017: Digital download with... Nona Creative

Angus says they were probably the smallest/youngest studio present at the Bookmarks this year, making it more impressive that they managed to snatch a gold ‘digital installations and activations’ and a silver ‘innovative use of social media’ pixel for the ‘Do You Even Dev’ digital installation game/recruitment tool, along with four finalists. That’s why they expressed their current emotional state post-Awards with the above meme.

All four of Nona Creative's founders.
All four of Nona Creative's founders.

"Just looking at the calibre of work from this year's entrants, it's clear to us that the ‘innovation’ agencies once talked about endlessly around boardroom tables, is no longer just a buzzword but a burgeoning reality in SA – even for small agencies like ours. It's especially incredible to see the relationship between user experience, design and innovation and how it's bringing these complex and exciting projects into the hands, hearts and minds of consumers. We've been particularly interested in investigating these themes and using creative approaches to reach very specific markets over the last two years, as well as focusing on UX planning and design to create memorable, unique and intuitive experiences. This seems to be a sentiment echoed by our competitors at this year's Bookmarks, and a good sign for tech and advertising in SA," says Beetge-Schutte.

Nona Creative’s ‘Do You Even Dev’ work is embedded below:

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