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#AfricaDay: The power of African creativity

Today marks the formation of the African Union, formerly known as the Organisation of African Unity, a pivotal milestone that we have come commemorate as Africa Day. This day serves as a reminder of Africa's history, culture, and the continent's aspirations for a united and prosperous future.
cosplayer, podcaster and entrepreneur Gigi Bopela. Image supplied
cosplayer, podcaster and entrepreneur Gigi Bopela. Image supplied

It is only fitting that on this historic day, the first annual Afro Geek Fest is officially announced, an event that will highlight the extraordinary contributions of African artists, writers, and creators to the global geek community.

The Rise of African Geekdom

In recent years, advancements in African geek culture have been gaining international recognition and acclaim. Talented creators in South Africa and beyond have been crafting narratives that explore diverse themes, drawing inspiration from African folklore, mythology, history, and contemporary social issues. Whether comics, gaming or animation, these individuals offer fresh perspectives, challenge stereotypes, and amplify African voices in an evocative and stimulating manner.

“We wanted to create a space where black youth can fully immerse themselves in all the beauty, creativity and innovation of afro geek culture,” says Afro Geek co-founder and creative director, Tapelo Zama. “But beyond the entertainment value, we also want to use the event as a platform for sharing knowledge, resources and ideas, so we can further cultivate the growth of this movement.”

Unifying African creators and fans

Hosted by cosplayer, podcaster and entrepreneur Gigi Bopela, the Afro Geek Fest, set to take place in October this year, will serve as a meeting point for African creators and fans from every corner of the continent. It will be an event where afro geeks can have the chance to engage with their peers, attend panel discussions, and explore the rich tapestry of African geek culture.

The convention will feature a range of activities and events designed to captivate attendees, including artist stalls, panels and workshops, gaming tournaments and cosplay contests.

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