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Civil Parting premieres at Alexander Bar

Glenn and Jean-Pierre have been married for seven years, almost as long as gay marriage has been legal in South Africa. Things have changed between them but as they are professional, respectable members of the community, they have resolved to divorce amicably. As they are kept waiting together in an attorney's reception, the cracks in their cordiality begin to show.
Civil Parting premieres at Alexander Bar

"One of the things I want to show in this piece is how gay marriages can be just as banal and life sapping as heterosexual ones, and gay divorces just as bitter and messy," said writer Nicholas Spagnoletti, best known for his hit play London Road. "The play is about two people who are trying, but largely failing, to overcome human nature."

Exciting theatrical territory

The play stars Pieter Bosch Botha and Shaun Acker. "Civil Parting looks at two characters attempting to put their emotions aside and co-operate legally," Acker said. "At times, co-operation fails and violent emotions burst forth in moments of truth, exposing the cracks of an abandoned relationship. When the characters successfully co-operate, nostalgic moments of happiness and sadness naturally brim. The actual life of a relationship is exposed. This is exciting theatrical territory to be in."

Civil Parting is at Cape Town's Alexander Bar from 29 August to 18 September. For more information, go to

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