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Call to tender to produce Truelove brand as OCP (Outsource Content Provider) for Media24 Lifestyle

Truelove brand includes the print product as well as the content for diverse projects, such as events, payment gateways, merchandise and brand extensions.
Call to tender to produce Truelove brand as OCP (Outsource Content Provider) for Media24 Lifestyle

Media24 Lifestyle, the leading role player in the South African magazine industry, publishes a significant percentage of the magazines sold nationally at magazine stands. Our vision is to use the power of magazine brands to create a personal world of information, entertainment and educational excellence that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Truelove is the home of fashion, beauty and lifestyle for South African women. It is an indispensable accessory that inspires, entertains and advises modern African women. The trusted brand provides relevant and informative content.

The contract will include the following:

1. The effective date shall be 1 April 2023 and shall be in force and effective for 12 calendar months.
2. The OCP shall provide the Services to M24, including the supply of completed magazine material and other auxiliary related content (“Content”) as per M24’s brief,
a. Such content will consist of completed and print ready magazines x 4 of the Brand as per agreed production schedule over the 12-month period.
b. Agreed upon stand-alone publications linked to the “Brand” as agreed.
c. Content and idea creation for diverse revenue projects as agreed.
d. Presentation of content for commercial endeavours as linked to the Brand’s revenue.
e. The OCP will be responsible to pay any parties who assist them directly.

In order to tender, please submit the below elements as one PDF document:
1. Resume of the applicant and proof of previous work
2. A Truelove reader analysis (who will the brand target)
3. The editorial breakdown of the 4 issues (top-line plans)
4. The editorial team breakdown (can be names of contributors in mind)
5. Brand extension suggestions
6. Diverse revenue suggestions (can be events, payment gateways, branded products, etc.)
7. A budget to produce the required elements

*Please note that current Media24 employees cannot bid for this tender

Please submit your PDF document to Lise Coetsee (moc.42aidem@eesteoc.esil) by Thursday, 15 December 2022. The first issue will be the April-June 2023 issue (goes to print 12 April 2023). Therefore, should you be chosen, contract discussions will be finalised by 31 January 2023. The successful candidate will be notified by 20 January 2023.

For any additional questions contact Lise at: moc.42aidem@eesteoc.esil

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