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Magazines ABC Q3 2022: print publications remain critical but stable

According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of South Africa the magazine category for Q3 2022 has remained relatively stable despite some publications missing declarations.
Source: Compiled by Emily Stander.
Source: Compiled by Emily Stander.

“The magazine category appears relatively flat; however, magazines like the Jet Club (custom category) and significant players still need to be declared, and publications still in circulation affect quarterly reporting. We will have kept the Q3 and Q2 2022 distribution reasonably stable if we compare estimated circulation, including those numbers,” the statement said.

The ABC said 3.3 million magazines were consumed in quarter three.

"Thus, although media distribution in print looks to follow a slow downward trend, publishers maintain their creativity to stay in business which is vastly important and can be commended," said the ABC.

Consumer Magazines

Like in previous quarters consumer magazines continued to have reporting changes and changed sectors.

Plus 50, Baba & Kleuter, Compleat Golfer, Marktoe! and The Gardener all had double digit uptakes for the third quarter.

Women’s magazines: Sarie, Glamour and Women and Home showed steady growth with single digit uptakes for quarterly and y-o-y readership.

Marktoe! continues to bring home the bacon with double digit increases across the board once again.

Your Pregnancy and Baby, Rooi Rose Magazine and Women's Health are new members in the sector.

Arts, Culture and Heritage
PublicationPeriodFrequencyFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Jewish LifeJul -SepMtly8,6878,687-1.1%8.9%
Val de Vie MagazineJan -Dec2xA0Reporting Change
Val de Vie MagazineJul -Sep2xA14,90014,900No Issue57.7%
Business and News
Business BriefJul -SepAltM0Changed Sector
Financial MailJul -SepWkly, Fr2,86911,946-4.3%-4.9%
FinweekJul -SepF0Ceased Publishing
Forbes AfricaJul -SepAltM4,0639,1661.7%Reporting Change
SA Real Estate Investor MagazineJul -SepMtly0Changed Sector
The Big Issue MagazineJul -SepMtly2046,0930.7%18.2%
Conservation and Wildlife
African BirdlifeJul -SepAltM1,0096,430-4.4%Reporting Change
Eat OutJan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
TV Plus (Afrikaans)Jul -SepF011,7412.1%-11.7%
TV Plus (English)Jul -SepF02,275-12.6%-41.6%
Family Interest
HuisgenootJul -SepWkly, Th6,934114,232-3.8%-12.3%
LIGJul -Sep11xA45015,425-0.2%Changed Frequency
Plus 50Jul -Sep6xA1,6215,87932.6%Reporting Change
Spot-On (Formerly known as Spotong)Jul -SepAltM21,04921,049-0.2%Changed Sector
The CrestJul -Sep7xA10,45610,4561.5%-16.0%
The RidgeJul -Sep8xA12,22812,228-0.9%-24.9%
YouJul -SepWkly, Th5,24858,734-7.5%-13.6%
Farmer's WeeklyJul -SepWkly, Fr986,7639.9%12.1%
Grond tot MondJul -SepQ5,1266,826Reporting Change
LandbouweekbladJul -SepWkly, Th011,031-6.3%-33.4%
Landbouweekblad VeeJul -SepAnn0Resigned
Marktoe!Jul -SepMtly13,59313,59315.4%42.1%
VeeplaasJul -Sep11xA2,8547,8292.8%1.5%
Health & Wellbeing
Grow to EatJan -Dec3xA0Reporting Change
Conde Nast House & GardenJul -SepMtly5,06312,001-2.4%-11.7%
Easy DIYJul -SepQ4904,777-6.6%-32.6%
Food&Home MagazineJul -SepMtly0Resigned
Idees/IdeasJan -JunAltM0Reporting Change
Lose It,Jul -SepQ08,468-25.0%-45.6%
SA Home OwnerJul -Sep11xA2,61719,585-4.2%-14.0%
Sarie Kos / FoodJul -SepQ015,246-6.9%-21.0%
The Gardener / Die TuinierJul -SepMtly9,57925,21617.6%-4.4%
Tuis HomeJul -Sep8xA2,76466,749-10.5%-11.9%
VisiJul -Sep6xA2,76513,705-3.8%25.8%
Let’s Braai / Kom ons Braai (former The Ultimate Braai)Jul -JunAnn0Reporting Change
Silver DigestJul -Sep4xA0No Issue
GQJul -Sep5xA3,0795,444-3.1%1.3%
Men's HealthJul -Sep6xA0No IssueNew Member
Popular MechanicsJul -SepMtly4,19913,5051.9%9.3%
Very Interesting (former Braintainment)Jan -JunAltM0Resigned
Bike SAJul -SepMtly0Resigned
CarJul -SepMtly15,49842,0940.6%-4.3%
Driven MagazineJul -SepMtly7,2967,2960.6%-47.5%
Baba & KleuterJul -SepQ013,69726.8%Reporting Change
Baby's and BeyondJul -SepQ7,44310,4013.6%No Issue
Your Pregnancy and BabyJul -SepAltM1,4315,836-8.5%New Member
AnimaltalkJul -SepMtly0Resigned
Dog DirectoryJul -JunAnn0Resigned
Sport and Hobby
Compleat GolferJul -SepMtly4,0977,60417.5%23.3%
Kick OffJul -SepMtly0Discontinued
MagnumJul -Sep8xA011,097-14.6%29.0%
SA RugbyJul -SepMtly1,55010,069-9.7%-24.3%
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
Cape Etc.Jul -Sep3xA0No Issue
GetawayJul -SepMtly5,42515,5872.0%-4.7%
go! Drive & Camp and Weg! Ry & SleepJul -SepAltM39728,7201.1%-11.2%
Weg / Go PlattelandJul -SepQ019,143-0.8%-16.3%
Weg/GoJul -SepAltM048,1623.7%-4.4%
Woman's General
BONA MagazineJul -SepMtly6,09817,279New Member
FairladyJul -SepAltM2,36129,218-17.8%-25.7%
Garden & Home MagazineJul -SepMtly6,97817,5726.9%Reporting Change
Glamour,Jul -SepQ7,79813,3828.2%7.0%
KuierJul -SepF056,314-4.4%-15.6%
Rooi Rose MagazineJul -SepAltM7,06628,2451.4%New Member
SarieJul -SepAltM1,99667,7767.0%5.1%
True LoveJul -SepAltM53113,462-19.0%-26.4%
Women & Home MagazineJul -SepMtly10,06328,8761.6%2.9%
Women's HealthJul -Sep6xA0No IssueNew Member
Barbie MagazineJul -SepMtly0Resigned
Careers MagazineJul -SepMtly0Terminated
Very Interesting JuniorJul -SepMtly0Resigned

B2B Magazines

MIMS, Resource, Inside Mining, Modern Quarying and MechChem Africa are the only B2B magazines that had double-digit uptakes for the quarter. MIMS particularly made a strong comeback after suffering a double-digit loss of 36.3% in quarter 2 and is now sitting at a 58.9% gain in quarter 3.

Medical Chronicle and The Specialist Forum Journal continue to show a steady uptake every quarter and y-o-y.

SA Graan continues to see a positive uptake in its y-o-y numbers.

Construction World which was a standout in Q2 continues on its winning streak with increased gains once again in Q3 and the prior year.

PublicationPeriodFrequencyFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
OVK NuOVK Nuus/NewsJul -Sep4xA4,7554,7550.0%Reporting Change
SA Graan / GrainJul -SepMtly20,96820,9689.8%33.3%
SABI MagazineJul -SepAltM0Resigned
StockfarmJul -SepMtly1,6757,1072.4%-7.5%
WinelandJul -SepMtly3,1333,194-1.5%-0.5%
earthworks.Jan -DecQ0Resigned
Floors in AfricaJul -Sep7xA0Changed Sector
Leading Architect & DesignJul -SepAltM6,6166,6663.8%-11.9%
SA Building ReviewJan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
Timber IQJul -SepAltM0Resigned
To BuildJul -Sep3xA8,5249,8460.3%Reporting Change
Walls & Roofs in AfricaJul -Sep7xA0Changed Sector
Road Ahead, TheJan -DecQ0Reporting Change
Taxi GuardianJul -SepMtly420420-10.3%New Member
Civil Construction
Civil EngineeringJul -SepMtly0Changed Sector
Concrete TrendsJan -DecQ0Reporting Change
Construction Review.Jan -JunAltM0Terminated
Construction WorldJul -SepMtly15,71915,7193.5%20.5%
IMIESAJul -Sep11xA12,06512,0653.0%1.7%
Spec HandbooksJul -SepAnn19,86819,868Reporting Change
Future SAJul -Sep4xA4,9978,0524.6%New Member
Nex MediaJul -Jun4xA0Resigned
SA ProfileJan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
ServiceJul -SepQ0No IssueNew Member
The Gapp MagazineJul -SepAltM0Resigned
Electrical Engineering
Electricity & ControlJul -SepMtly13,03313,0333.7%23.3%
ESI AfricaJul -JunQ0Reporting Change
Sparks Electrical NewsJul -SepMtly13,82513,8253.9%24.0%
Engineering - Other
Capital Equipment NewsJul -SepMtly12,69512,6955.7%28.8%
DataweekJul -SepMtly2,7712,771-2.4%9.7%
MechChem AfricaJul -SepAltM10,36310,36312.9%Reporting Change
Motion ControlJul -SepQ1,9931,9931.9%4.1%
Plumbing AfricaJul -SepMtly9,5849,6851.7%12.2%
Refrigeration and AirconditioningJul -SepMtly6,7886,8057.7%3.6%
SA Instrumentation & ControlJul -SepMtly4,1574,1571.2%10.7%
Water & Sanitation AfricaJul -SepAltM7,6507,65012.0%Reporting Change
Health and Wellbeing
Fire ProtectionJul -SepQ0Changed Sector
Hi-Tech Security SolutionsJul -Sep8xA4,1264,126-1.5%12.6%
MDR Medical Desk ReferenceJul -SepAnn0No Issue
Medical ChronicleJul -Sep11xA26,59426,5944.2%1.8%
MIMSJul -SepMtly4453,71458.9%-13.5%
Modern Medicine MagazineJul -SepAltM3,1043,6282.3%Reporting Change
South African Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic ReviewJul -Sep11xA2,8792,8991.8%-9.7%
The Specialist Forum JournalJul -Sep11xA22,04122,0412.6%51.7%
Hospitality, Catering and Tourism
Explore South Africa.Jan -DecQ0Reporting Change
MeetingsJan -JunAltM0Reporting Change
MeetingsJul -SepAltM4,7554,755Reporting Change
The Meetings & Event Planner (former SA Conference Directory)Jul -SepAnn0No Issue
Analytical ReporterJul -SepAltM5,4445,4441.4%-13.2%
Cold Link AfricaJul -SepAltM4,0394,0480.0%-28.3%
Eastern Cape BusinessJul -SepAnn0No Issue
Free State Business,Jan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
Gauteng CompaniesJul -JunAnn0Reporting Change
Industrial BuyerJul -SepAltM0Resigned
Jewellers' Network DirectoryJan -DecAnn0Suspended
KwaZulu Natal BusinessJul -SepAnn0No Issue
Lighting in DesignJul -SepQ6,8946,8943.4%Reporting Change
Limpopo BusinessJan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
LINKED by Jewellers NetworkJul -JunQ0Resigned
Mpumalanga BusinessJul -SepAnn0No Issue
North West BusinessJul -SepAnn0No Issue
Northern Cape BusinessJul -SepAnn0No Issue
Opportunity (Exploring Business Prospects in SA)Jul -SepQ4,9164,916-0.1%Reporting Change
ResourceJul -SepQ6,9816,98119.8%Reporting Change
SA Affordable HousingJul -SepAltM0Resigned
Smart Energy InternationalJul -SepAltM0No Issue
South African Business.Jan -Dec2xA0Reporting Change
South African Food ReviewJul -Sep11xA3,7283,778-1.8%-23.9%
The Responsible & Sustainable Tourism Handbook.Jul -JunAnn0Suspended
Western Cape Business,Jan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
Information and Computer Technology
BrainstormJul -Sep11xA3,7247,950-2.5%-8.5%
The MarginJul -SepQ0Merged into Brainstorm
African DecisionsJul -SepQ11,19011,458-10.1%14.1%
Black Business QuarterlyJul -SepQ46,57147,3892.5%-54.1%
Blue Chip,Jul -SepQ7,4077,407-0.2%Reporting Change
FA NewsJul -SepAltM2,7502,9160.4%0.0%
KZN InvestJul -SepQ5,3155,3159.7%0.2%
LeadershipJul -SepMtly41,59941,846-5.5%Reporting Change
Money MarketingJul -SepMtly7,4367,443-3.8%-13.9%
South African Business IntergratorJul -Sep2xA7,5189,9121.3%Reporting Change
Mining & Quarrying
African Mines HandbookJan -DecAnn0Reporting Change
African Mining BriefJul -SepAltM960960-2.0%Reporting Change
African Mining Inc. Mining MirrorJul -Sep11xA20,95521,059-5.5%-11.0%
EarthbrokerJul -SepMtly5,3825,3820.0%0.0%
Engineering News & Mining WeeklyJul -SepWkly, Fr10,29713,020-2.2%27.9%
Inside MiningJul -SepQ9,6199,61928.9%Reporting Change
Inside MiningJul -Jun4xA0Reporting Change
Mining Business AfricaJul -Sep6xA1,7201,7205.4%New Member
Mining Review Africa.Jul -Sep11xA0No Issue
Modern MiningJul -SepMtly13,14113,1414.2%22.9%
Modern QuarryingJul -SepQ6,6196,61911.8%Reporting Change
DIY And Industrial Trade NewsJul -SepMtly10,42810,428-0.5%7.8%
Pharmacy Magazine (former Frontshop)Jul -SepMtly17,17517,175-6.0%8.8%
Supermarket and RetailerJul -SepMtly0Changed Sector
Transport and Logistics
Freight News FeaturesJul -SepMtly5,6565,880-4.5%21.8%

Custom Magazines

Custom magazines continue to improve this year with increases in 14 different publications. In Flight Magazine and Taste saw the highest increases in this quarter.

The youth magazine and Home sectors both saw increased gains for their publications in the quarter.

Rove SA is a new member in this category.

PublicationPeriodFrequencyFree circulationTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Dairy Mail, The.Jul -SepMtly1,1171,121-51.8%-50.5%
Rooi Vleis / Red MeatJan -JunAltM0Reporting Change
Wolboer / Wool FarmerJul -SepAltM0Changed Sector
Health & Wellbeing
FitlifeJul -SepMtly26018,384-15.3%-30.2%
Journal of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes SAJul -Jun3xA0Reporting Change
SA Pharmaceutical JournalJan -Jun10xA0Reporting Change
SA Pharmacist's Assistant (SAPA)Jul -SepQ0No Issue
South African Medical JournalJul -SepMtly0Suspended
Southern African Journal of Anaesthesia &AnalgesiaJul -SepAltM0No Issue
Fresh Living Jul -SepQ14,71836,945No Issue
Living SpaceJul -SepMtly2,12236,9705.0%0.6%
My KitchenJul -SepMtly2,14170,8382.2%2.9%
Industry Specific
Forum TydskrifJul -SepQ149,784149,7840.1%0.1%
J S EJul -SepQ14,15015,3916.3%9.4%
Sea RescueJul -Sep3xA18,45618,456-6.0%9.6%
ServamusJul -SepMtly438,5282.8%-5.9%
In Flight MagazineJul -SepMtly30,04530,0456.6%6.3%
SkywaysJul -SepMtly0Resigned
Private EditionJul -SepQ9,1629,162-0.8%14.7%
Taste.Jul -SepAltM3,01435,2557.6%4.7%
ManJul -SepMtly1,42651,5672.9%19.9%
Tech..Jul -SepMtly1,67630,855-1.4%-8.8%
MotorJul -SepMtly28410,337-17.2%-40.9%
Accountancy SAJul -Sep11xA0Changed Sector
De RebusJul -Sep11xA0Changed Sector
Clicks Club CardJul -SepAltM0Resigned- Digital only
Club MagazineJul -SepMtly14,844264,4100.4%2.0%
Jet ClubJul -Sep7xA0No Issue
Sport and Hobby
Game & Hunt/Wild & JagJul -SepMtly64,86966,527-0.1%-0.9%
SA Hunter/JagterJul -Sep8xA029,230-8.6%-14.0%
Sports ClubJul -SepMtly2,28589,9733.7%12.0%
Wildland MagazineJul -SepMtly0Changed Sector
Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
EscapesJul -SepMtly73615,247-14.3%-28.4%
PremierJul -SepMtly7,8857,8852.4%-42.6%
Rove SAJul -Sep2xA7,80410,519-0.7%New Member
Woman's General
Balanced LifeJul -SepMtly98349,0460.3%-3.8%
ClubXJul -SepMtly81692,6285.3%24.6%
Kids Super ClubJul -SepMtly065,7302.4%-5.6%

Free magazines

Two publications had a zero percent increase/decrease, while Get It (Ballito to Umhlanga) saw the highest gains for the quarter and on a y-o-y basis.

PublicationPeriodFrequencyTotal circulation% change quarter% change year
Botswana Advertiser.Jul -SepF99,9650.0%5.3%
Get It (Ballito to Umhlanga)Jul -SepMtly11,9622.1%20.1%
Get It (Bloemfontein)Jul -SepMtly6,8900.0%0.0%
Get It (Highway)Jul -SepMtly11,486-2.8%16.9%
Get It (Jo'burg South)Jul -SepMtly14,8000.6%0.8%
Get It (Jo'burg West)Jul -SepMtly14,008-3.8%-2.6%
Get It (Lowveld)Jul -SepMtly6,2000.0%0.0%
Get It (Northern Suburbs Joburg)Jul -SepMtly14,9000.8%0.6%
Get It (Pretoria)Jul -SepMtly14,8440.7%1.5%

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