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HyperionDev students graduate

At a time when companies are desperately seeking computer programming talent, tech education company HyperionDev was proud to host the first of four Cape graduation ceremonies for 2020.
HyperionDev students graduateDirk Dijkstra, marketing director of HyperionDev, says that obtaining skills in programming and computer science means an unrivalled path into a career that is highly mobile and incredibly rewarding, with coding boot camps like those offered at HyperionDev allowing a fast-track and immersive dive into programming skills at a fraction of the cost of traditional education models.

“It pays to know how to code, and we’re excited at the possibilities for the last of our 2019 graduates. The results from our own Graduate Outcomes Report from 2018 shows that, on average, our graduates were able to double their salaries with a change in career to tech.”

At the event, students - many of them with no prior experience in programming - graduated with skills in software engineering, web development, and data science.

HyperionDev will host one graduation ceremony per quarter this year in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“We’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the diverse journeys of many of our graduates, who often change careers from a totally different industry,” says Dijkstra.

These skills in programming are also helping those who don’t switch careers do their jobs better and with greater depth.

According to research from Gartner, South Africa was expected to have the fourth fastest-growing IT market in the world in 2019. The growth of South Africa’s tech sector has been significant in the last half-decade, and is predicted to rocket even higher, especially with the opening of new data centres and professional web development companies, and a considerable government drive toward the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“It’s this technological career evolution that’s opening the window of opportunity to scholars and individuals from all walks of life and careers. Moving to a career in tech is relatively simple and means a future-proofing of your career options,” concludes Dijkstra.

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