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#TechBytes 9: Agile Marketing Metrics

#TechBytes is a nine-part video mini-series that shares nine simple steps any business can apply to generate qualified leads and a steady stream of top-of-funnel prospects.
#TechBytes 9: Agile Marketing MetricsIn this episode we speak about agile marketing metrics. We are in a time and space where the world is flooded with data and everything is measurable but what should you measure?

Essentially there are two components to consider in this regard. The first component being what is happening internally within your business because these will always have an effect on the way you conduct your business as well as your ability to generate new leads and opportunities.

You have to measure the internal activities within your work place because this is the area in which you have to optimise and streamline your processes for the highest quality results.

The second component is the external data of the business and within this, there is a further two components, namely: vanity metrics and performance metrics.

Vanity metrics are the measure of likes, comments and shares, these metrics can give an insight into what people are actually interpreting from your messaging attempts. Although they can be flattering - however, if they do not convert to leads, they are not actually effective.

This brings us to performance, which is a measure of the amount of traffic that you are generating, which is the number of people that are being communicated to and actually following up with that communication by making contact with your business.

It is also a measure of which channels this traffic is coming from - this allows you to optimise where your messages are going so that they can have the maximum effect. Another important metric is the conversion rate of traffic to actual leads; this allows you to see what is converting your prospective clients into qualified leads.

This gives you the opportunity to see what aspects are influencing your clients into making a commitment or not to your business.

Here is the last and final episode of #TechBytes
Agile Marketing Metrics by #TechBytes - powered by Digital Kungfu from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.
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