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#TechBytes 1: The Need for Speed for B2B and Lead Generation

#TechBytes is a nine-part video mini-series that shares nine simple steps any business can apply to generate qualified leads and a steady stream of top-of-funnel prospects. cannot afford to wait months to get [your technology product] into market. You need to get into market in days.
Speed is the new currency in marketing for technology businesses. The problem is that while tech companies move fast, their marketing and lead generation campaigns can’t always keep up which inevitably means that all too often they’re outmanoeuvred by competitors. In this hypercompetitive space, while fast to market is critical, if your campaign isn’t effective, you’ll never see traction.

You can be the first reseller of Microsoft Azure in the market, for example, but if your message is irrelevant to your target audience, it won’t matter. The key is combining speed with storytelling, agile marketing methodology and a data-led approach to driving efficiencies to maximise return on investment on marketing spend.

Speed offers tech businesses one key marketing advantage here: Because you’re so quick to market, you can measure and adjust your messaging to maximise your lead generation efforts. You can evaluate what your market cares about and responds to. Track the right metrics and implement processes that allow you to adjust messaging and strategy based on those metrics. Remain agile and respond quickly to how your marketing collateral is being consumed, how much traffic is being generated from different sources and the quality and volume of leads that are being produced as a result of all activities and outputs. It’s all about responding to the market in real-time. Remember, your ultimate goal is lead generation and closing more business.

Here is Episode 1 of #TechBytes
The Need for Speed by #TechBytes - powered by Digital Kungfu from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.

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