#TechBytes 7: The Case for Agile Marketing

#TechBytes is a nine-part video mini-series that shares nine simple steps any business can apply to generate qualified leads and a steady stream of top-of-funnel prospects.
Start small, iterate your way through a series of messages to get to the truth of what your customer really is responding to in the marketplace, when that happens that’s when your leads start to flow.

Traditionally, marketing campaigns have been planned and produced upfront and in detail. There are two key flaws in this process. First, it’s slow. By the time you take your campaign to market your original messaging risks irrelevance.

Second, it doesn’t allow for adaptation to a rapidly changing marketplace. Adopting an agile approach enables you to adapt to changing preferences and capitalise on opportunities.

Agile marketing is a data lead approach, it is shaped and moulded by the way your audience responds to your messaging. By avoiding ineffective messages and capitalising on effective ones you become more relevant to the people you are trying to convert. An agile approach gives you the tools to understand customers like never before, allowing you to deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospects.

The good news is that with an agile approach if your message isn’t landing, you can quickly and effectively tweak your messaging and get it back into the market with more direction and greater efficacy thereby reducing wasteful expenditure. This gives your customers more perspective on how your business can help them, and more importantly how your solutions can solve their problem.

Here is Episode 7 of #TechBytes
The Case For Agile Marketing - by #TechBytes - powered by Digital Kungfu from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.
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