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#TechBytes 3: Niche Down

#TechBytes is a nine-part video mini-series that shares nine simple steps any business can apply to generate qualified leads and a steady stream of top-of-funnel prospects.
“You can’t be everything to everyone. If you try to be everything to everyone you will become invisible. Not only to your customers but to your competition as well.”

The reality is that you have to market differently. When you’re similar to everybody else, the market simply won’t care about what you do and what you have to offer. You’ll always feed off the scraps of the available market potential, which is what too many businesses do.

Companies that are different on the other hand gobble up all the economics of their market. Uber, AWS and Salesforce own the markets that they play in because they marketed a different problem, one that their customers didn’t even know they had yet. Once the story was told and people bought into it however, these giants were accredited with the solution to the problem.

Today, Uber is valued at $120bn, a valuation eight times higher than their nearest competitor Lyft, which is valued at $15bn. The businesses that win today are the ones that market the problem best and the best way to market anything is through the power of story.

In Episode 3 we discuss the importance of niching down and marketing your different. Differentiate yourself from your competitors and find the sole problem in your category that your business was destined to solve. In doing so your business becomes more than just another offering, it becomes the invaluable guide that adds value to the lives of your clients.

Here is Episode 3 of #TechBytes
Niche Down by #TechBytes - powered by Digital Kungfu from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.
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