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Verve launches '2023 Mzansi Review - Gen Z: Understanding Youth Culture'

Global insights agency Verve takes a closer look at Gen-Z, and what sets them apart from their predecessors.
Verve launches '2023 Mzansi Review - Gen Z: Understanding Youth Culture'

With the launch of the ‘2023 Mzansi Review - Gen Z: Understanding Youth Culture’ Verve explores the trends that underpin the attitudes and behaviours of South Africa’s youngest working generation. With illustrative examples from multi-category market-leading brands and employers that are nailing it!

The report unpacks four key thematic:

  • The free-spirited, opportunity and advancement seeking mindset of Gen-Zs;
  • Their redefined definitions of ‘luxury’;
  • How this constantly connected generation navigate their digital lifestyles; and
  • The importance they place on self-discovery and expression.

And summarises six key learnings for local brands on how to better resonate and build more authentic brand relationships with Gen-Z, with a view to unlocking this demographic’s steadily increasing purchase power.

Don’t want to miss out – access the free report here!

We take a holistic approach to understanding people, helping our clients react to global change through specialisms in Culture, Communities and Smart Digital Insight. Proudly independent, we're one Global team, bringing joined-up thinking for the best answers to business challenges.

Culture - An 'Outside In' approach to human understanding.

We decode culture to expose the hidden forces that influence consumer attitudes and behaviours. Led by Verve's expert Ignite practitioners, we combine semiotics, trends analysis and Social Intelligence with AI-led tools and a global network of leading-edge consumers to build a complete picture of now and what's coming next.

Communities- Reconnecting businesses with the real people behind the data.

Verve communities are like having a group of customers in the room next door, who you can talk to whenever you want, about whatever you want, in an authentic and joined-up way. Central to any insight ecosystem, our communities combine robust quant, intimate qual and behavioural data to deliver fully rounded customer understanding.

Smart Digital Insight - Agile working processes and leading-edge toolkits.

We deliver sophisticated insight and dynamic answers at the pace our clients need. Whether using social intelligence and digital ethnography or predictive modelling and data fusion, our insight approaches follow a core ethos: more collaborative, more iterative and more actionable.

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