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Positive chatter about Idols SA on social media

Meltwater tracked and analysed mentions of Idols SA, season 4, in editorial and social media and found that there have been over 300 articles of the show in the South African news since the new season began on 8 July, most of which has been positive.

South Africa tunes in every Sunday to listen to both the potential Idols winners and the Wooden Mic winners audition. This year’s judges, Randall Abrahams, Unathi Msengana and Somizi Mhlongo return to bring their own level of entertainment to the country.

Idols SA judges © Idols SA Facebook.

With 429,000 Twitter followers, 709,000 Twitter followers and 1,5 million fans on Facebook – it’s safe to say Idols SA is popular on social. Of the 24,000 mentions on social media, it’s been largely positive news.

With that many mentions and that much positivity, the data shows that Idols SA is a South African reality show favourite.

When analysing the terms associated with Idols SA the most, the laughing-crying emojis turned up as one of the most popular associated terms with 3,300 mentions. Through this data, we can deduct:
  • In 2018, people don’t just need words to communicate – emojis are being used more and more, too.
  • Idols SA (and the auditionees) are engaging and entertaining its audiences with humour.

Some of the spikes in media exposure throughout the month were due to the other trending themes, namely “Cape Town Auditions” which was broadcast on Sunday, 15 July on Mzansi Magic, and the season 14 premiere which was aired on Sunday, 8 July.

Despite the fact that Idols SA is now in the 14th season of its history, the data indicates that South Africans are still fans of the reality show, illustrated by the overwhelming positive sentiment and use of the crying-laughing emoji.
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