Ocean Basket's interactive Nutriguide serves up facts about food choices

Thanks to Ocean Basket's interactive online nutritional guide, dubbed Nutriguide, diners can decide whether to ditch the chips or keep the chips at the touch of a thumb. The development is a response to the rising popularity of healthier food choices and the demand from consumers for transparent nutritional information.
The digital agency behind the Nutriguide is So Interactive, Ocean Basket's long-time digital partner. “Ocean Basket chose to transition their old-school downloadable nutritional guide to an interactive version that would easily empower customers with the facts about their food choices,” says Darren Mansour, managing director of So Interactive.

Together with Nicci Robertson, renowned nutritionist, author and founder of the Re-Invent Company, the family-centric seafood chain constructed the optimum nutritional value of every menu item based on its recipes. The result is a transparent dietary list of total fats, energy, carbs, sugar, fibre, cholesterol and sodium intake per meal serving.

“Making good nutritional choices is a global issue,” says Robertson. “It is really important to insist that restaurants are able to provide consumers with information about exactly what they are ordering.”

Multi-responsive and mobile first

Ocean Basket briefed So Interactive on its vision for an informative, easy-to use, multi-responsive nutritional value platform, with a built-in calorie calculator and menu interface. Mansour and his team took up the challenge and delivered more than just nutrition; they brought user experience to the table.

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The informative digital campaign successfully launched in September 2017, which saw customers logging onto the Nutriguide from their smartphone, and punching in their meal choices to instantly receive a live calorie tally and drop down nutritional value table.

“The Nutriguide was developed with a mobile first interface, for an on-the-go, pocket-easy browser experience. We wanted it to remain relevant to market whilst being careful not to dilute the primary function of the platform, which is to educate the customers on exactly what is in their food,” Mansour explains.

To date, the digital campaign across social media has seen its success in achieving over 5,500 followers that are spending approximately two minutes a session on the platform.
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