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Sorbet celebrates the remarkable journey of Zimkita Yeki: From employee to entrepreneur

Following the successful salon key handover and opening of the first Sorbet-Preneur salon in Johannesburg to Sharon Dikgale on 1 September Sorbet celebrated their new Sorbet Tokai Cape Town franchise partner; Zimkita Yeki.
Zimkita Yeki - Sorbet-Preneur Winner
Zimkita Yeki - Sorbet-Preneur Winner

Zimkita's perseverance, and passion for excellence exemplify the values that Sorbet holds dear, and her story is a testament to the opportunities for growth and success that the brand provides. Yeki embarked on her Sorbet journey six years ago, when life took an unexpected turn. Previously employed at a media company in Cape Town, she found herself unable to relocate with the company when it moved to Johannesburg. At her farewell, a Sorbet voucher was amongst her gifts, marking the initial spark that would ignite her remarkable career shift.

Booked for a nail treatment at Sorbet Sun Valley, Zimkita's journey took an unexpected turn when her nail technician mentioned a job opening for a Front Desk Coordinator (FDC) at the store. Seizing the moment, she approached the manager about the opportunity and was swiftly recognized as an exceptional candidate. Her passion and potential impressed the Franchise Partner, leading to her immediate hiring.

Zimkita's dedication and commitment didn't go unnoticed, resulting in her rapid promotion to operations manager as the store expanded and a new location was established. Her diligence, coupled with her thirst for knowledge and youthful energy, set her apart as the go-to person for any situation, a trait that has been pivotal to her journey thus far.

Zimkita Yeki - Tokai Salon ribbon cutting
Zimkita Yeki - Tokai Salon ribbon cutting

While she always harboured dreams of entrepreneurship, the Sorbet-Preneur initiative provided the perfect avenue to turn her aspirations into reality. Encouraged by her Franchise Partner, she embraced the opportunity and embarked on a journey that would challenge her, enrich her with learnings, and solidify her position as an entrepreneur. Zimkita's hard work, dedication, and countless hours of effort culminated in the proud moment of opening her own Sorbet Salon in Tokai.

"I am thrilled and humbled to be opening my own Sorbet Salon," exclaimed Zimkita Yeki. " I am excited to nurture my business, work with my amazing team, and continue growing as a professional."

Zimkita's journey stands as a testament to Sorbet's commitment to nurturing talent, providing growth opportunities, and fostering a culture of excellence. Her hands-on experience in operations, coupled with her unwavering determination, makes her an exceptional addition to the Sorbet Salon Franchise Partner network.

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