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MediaHeads 360 - Ready to produce your campaign

The media industry's fast pace demands innovative, cost-effective and easy solutions. MediaHeads 360, with its all-inclusive approach, is ideally positioned to deliver a complete solution that alleviates the pressure and effort of non-traditional campaigns.

In its spectrum of comprehensive solutions, the company boasts a full audio production suite. The onsite recording and production facility offer voice recording and production, final mixing for broadcasting, drama recording and production, imaging, sound design, music composition, editing, mixing and mastering. Additionally, the studios are fully equipped for live radio broadcast, podcasts, syndicated shows and mobile broadcast.

MediaHeads 360 - Ready to produce your campaign

Justin Keats, MediaHeads 360 Sales Director adds, “We work with a number of radio stations; hosting their remote broadcasts for their talent, and facilitate a number of outside broadcasts through our ground-breaking mobile broadcast technology, which allows us to broadcast from almost anywhere in the world.”

The company works to stay at the forefront of technology with an expert team that ensures they maintain the highest industry standards. “Our dedicated team of technicians, specialists and sound engineers facilitate all the production elements and relationships with talent,” Refue Mofokeng, MediaHeads 360’s Head of Production said.

The state-of-the-art production facility extends MediaHeads 360’s offering, which means the company is able to service their clients with a robust media and marketing solution, which extends through the various stages of the process; from the start at idea conceptualisation through to final airing.

Keats went on to add that the power of this inhouse facility is most evident in their production of the award-winning radio dramas. The company has made waves since 2013 with their radio dramas for clients like Standard Bank, McDonald’s and the South African Reserve Bank, to name a few. “We put years of radio know how and expertise to good use in our radio dramas, which allow clients to influence radio content to weave their brand into people’s lives. These dramas also tackle difficult subjects that would have been near impossible to explain in any other way. The dramas become part of listeners lives and embed the products and services in the audiences’ lives,” said Keats.

MediaHeads 360 - Ready to produce your campaign

These radio dramas found much success on the African Language Stations (ALS), another area of expertise for MediaHeads 360. “From January 2019 to March 2019, 45% of our work was done on the ALS bouquet. It is an exciting market with massive buying potential, that needs to be approached right. It is also a scrupulous market in the sense that you need to always be cognisant of language purity,” Keats added.

The SABC is known for their strict language policies on their vernacular stations. “We are very proud of the work we do for ALS, we spend a lot of time sourcing the best translators and actors, and we ensure we deliver storylines that resonate with the audience through constant monitoring and research, to ensure we presents client’s message in the most honest and authentic way,” Mofokeng explains.

The research, time and quality control has paid off:

  • Standard Bank’s Iketsetse Zenzele is in its seventh season. The Drama Series has won the AMASA Gold for Best Integrated (Financial) Campaign and an MTN Radio Award for Best Multi-Channel Promotion during its time. Initial FGI Research shows the campaign also delivered brand and product recall exceeding the norm by more than 400%.
  • The McDonald’s Moments drama, resulted in the majority of the research sample indicating that they were likely to consider McDonald’s the next time they buy fast food, with 70% of these respondents saying they would consider McDonalds the next time they buy fast food.
  • The South African Reserve Bank’s Easy Come, Easy Go drama surpassed the Benchmark of 36% for noting a drama on radio by a obtaining a significantly high noting score of 68%, and 47% of the respondents recalled South African Reserve Bank as the sponsor of the drama, which is 10% higher than the 37% benchmark.

For more information on MediaHeads 360’s production facilities and expertise in the African Language market, visit

MediaHeads 360
MediaHeads 360 delivers integrated, programming focused and strategic marketing campaigns which include television, radio, content marketing, activations, social media amplification and influencer marketing.

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