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Ogilvy's innovation lab launches new technologies for increased brand impact

Ogilvy South Africa has unveiled the latest highly anticipated upgrades to its Innovation Labs, based in both the Johannesburg and Cape Town campuses.
Ogilvy's innovation lab launches new technologies for increased brand impact

"Our innovation labs are where creativity meets transformative technology, enabling brands to captivate, communicate and connect with audiences like never before. We're very excited with how our latest investments will extend realities, encourage prototyping, and feed data into our work”, says Tristan Vogt, head of creative technology at Ogilvy.

New levels of machine learning, integrated virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence sit at the centre of the innovation labs wider cutting-edge facilities. Other technology includes interactive handsets, headsets, and screen technology – alongside proprietary UX testing facilities. All aimed to help propel brands towards unprecedented heights of success, in an ever-evolving marketplace.

The recent innovation lab relaunch event took place with an exciting showcase, allowing attendees to gain first-hand exposure of the lab, through a series of digital activations using the new technologies to design creative solutions and outcomes for the challenges presented.

“One of the intentions of our updated lab is to support our new offering ‘reality’, which provides our clients with access to emerging tech and ideas to unlock customer connections through extended reality and synthetic experiences,” says Melissa Carney, managing director of Ogilvy’s specialist digital services. “It’s exciting to see the increased impact we can create for our clients, by unlocking invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.”

Whether it's using virtual reality to transport consumers into a brand's world, or leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver hyper-targeted messaging, Ogilvy South Africa's innovation lab helps brands to stay ahead of the curve and connect with consumers in new and meaningful ways.

"Over the years we’ve made large and deliberate investments into our own creative technology solutions and platforms. All of these are housed inside the innovation lab. These latest upgrades continue to demonstrate our belief that we must keep pushing and innovating ahead of the digital curve,” says Pete Case, CEO and creative chairman of Ogilvy South Africa. “With access to cutting-edge technologies and even closer collaborations with specialist external partners, we're better positioned than ever to deliver innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.”

The innovation lab is a valuable resource for brands looking to enhance their advertising strategies and connect with consumers in new and engaging ways. By harnessing the latest in emerging technologies, Ogilvy South Africa is well-positioned to help brands stay ahead of the curve and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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