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October - The official start of the 4th quarter

With 90 days to go to the end of 2020, speed and decisiveness are the advantage.
October - The official start of the 4th quarter

According to business coaches and sales consultants, the fourth quarter is everything, possibly the most important of the marketing year. Not a time to take your foot off the gas, but rather to put foot, with a last boost before the well-deserved festive downtime. Even as this has been one of the most challenging on record, as sports fans know it’s not over till it’s over and being behind can be the starting block you need to dig deep for a good finish.

While your competition might be slowing down, the fourth quarter allows you the element of surprise, finish 2020 strong and in pole position for the first quarter of 2021…

Taking stock of the year to date, assessing the competitive environment and revisiting any of your unfinished strategic goals, can provide the reset you need to finish 2020 with the element of surprise in your favour.

Strike now, here’s how:
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