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Otees creates innovative online game with Techsys Digital

Otees is a cereal snacking brand loved by the young and the young-at-heart. From its fun, eye-catching packs, to its cheeky online persona, Otees stands by the notion that you can play with your food! How did this colourful brand plan to take its playful persona to the next level in a meaningful way for its consumers?
Otees creates innovative online game with Techsys Digital

Otees approached Techsys Digital to create an engaging game that would serve as an innovative engagement platform for its fans. Techsys developed a boat-race-themed game called Otees Rush Boat Ride, in which players speed upstream through a river of milk while avoiding enemies and blasting through obstacles. Supporting characters for Otees Rush were drawn from the brand’s popular Colour My World campaign, in which fans could colour-in a host of Otees munchkins.

As players speed through Otees Rush, they collect Otees cereal pieces –styled as gold coins – to score points. Stashing enough Otees coins allows players to visit the in-game store and purchase fancy new boats with special powers, such as extra agility or ammunition. Saving up enough points can be a battle, so players are given the option to use a unique on-pack code to give them enough points for a boat upgrade. These codes, paired with eye-catching on-pack visuals, create a powerful connection with the brand’s colourful digital presence.

Skilled players can rack up high scores in order to climb the game’s leader board. Registering for the leader board helps the brand engage fans while offering these competitive gamers a chance to win big with exclusive prizes! Social share functionality means that players can also brag about their scores on their social feeds and challenge their friends to compete.

To cater for as wide a variety of players as possible, Otees Rush was initially released as an app, but can also be played online via a custom-built microsite. In the first few weeks since launch, thousands of players have downloaded the game via Google Play and the Apple App Store, while thousands of more gamers have played the online version. This resulted in the game trending in the top 10 trending games on the Play Store for weeks. The leader board has seen thousands of registrations – demonstrating how Otees Rush has engaged players.

Are you ready to take the Otees Rush Boat Ride? Play the game here.

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