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Found! Another use for condoms... possibly... or not?

NEWSWATCH: The Independent (UK) reports that some elderly South Africans are using condoms for a different purpose... easing arthritis pain.
(Image: Anka Grzywacz, via Wikimedia Commons)

For more:

  • The Independent: Elderly South Africans 'rub condoms on their knees to ease arthritis pain'... The publication also reports that the Mpumalanga district health chief Candith Mashego-Dlamini has asked people to stop rubbing the contraceptives on their knees to ease joint pain.

    Her call has apparently been echoed by the health minister's representative.

    The report quotes her spokesman Ronnie Masilela as saying: "She called on those who were practising to stop as condoms are meant for something other than rubbing knees."

    Just one question: Why should they stop?

    If it works, or the people doing it believe that it works, so what? Let them carry on. They're not hurting anyone, merely easing their own discomfort.

    So where's the problem?
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Avril Hermanus
My sister uses the condom lubricant for her neck pain and it works for her, maybe the DOH should invesigate the benefits of the condoms
Posted on 15 Jan 2014 09:17